Sunday, 5 February 2012


This has to be my favourite top coat ever! I know about 65% of my posts is about nail varnish but hey, I have a problem. I got this top coat when I was on holiday in New York, USA summer just gone. I purchased it from Sephora which is a make-up store. For anyone who has ever been you understand how amazing it is and how depressing it is to come home and not have one on your high street. Sad face. Oh well back to the top coat. It is by OPI and this one if made for just for Sephora which makes it extra special. It can be used over any block colour pretty much and only one coat is needed to create amazing sparkly nails. It was also on $9 for a 15ml bottle, bonus! I use it all the time just to add a bit of sparkle to my nails as it is quick and easy to use as well. I don’t know what I am going to do when it runs out so I better start saving it. OPI has to be one of my favourite nail varnish makes alongside Jessica because you know that what you’re buying is going to be a quality product. I would recommend them to anyone.
Till next time, stay classy San Diego
Hann xxx