Sunday, 28 July 2013

Primarks Flower Power

Flower Headbands - Primark £2.50 each

One of the trends I have absolutely loved this summer has to be the floral crowns, I think they are so pretty and look fabulous with a cute little summer dress but since I will probably not wear it past autumn I wasn’t prepared to pay £20 for one. The caused inner turmoil as I really wanted one for my holidays! Sad Hann. However, then I saw that the beaut that is Sammi from BeautyCrush bought one from Primark…I LOVE PRIMARK! After hearing this I had to go check them out and I was so happy to see what they were like in person; at only £2.50 a headband I just had to buy two. They are obviously not as good quality as the more expensive crowns but for £2.50 I think they are brilliant! They have a stretchy head band round the back so they are easy to wear but when they are on they don’t stretch so that the flowers are really far apart and so that they lose the crown affect (also I have a massive head so this is a massive bonus). Each flower has a little glitter around the petals which adds a nice little sparkle; what’s better than an extra little sparkle? So if you are looking for a cheaper alternative for the flower crowns or just want a nice flower head band for the summer then get yourself down the Primark!

What do you think about the flower crowns?

Love Hann xx

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Squeaky Clean Favourites

I have found myself recently jumping in and out of the shower extreme amounts recently due to the increase in temperature so I have found that my shower creams have become one of my most important beauty tools. I have three favourites I am using in rotation: Radox Shower Smoothies, Imperial Leather Foamburst and the Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate Skin Cleanser.
Radox Shower Smoothies
I love the Radox Shower Smoothies so much and this has to be one my favourite scents; it’s called Spirit Booster and it contains yoghurt and pomegranate with elderberries”. It actually sounds so delicious and the smell lives up the description as well it leaving your skin feeling not only clean but also lovely and soft. It isn’t a scrub but something in it leaves your skin just feeling lovely and soft which is always a lovely bonus from a shower gel! You can purchase it at most good supermarkets and drugstores and sell for around the £3.00 mark.

Imperial Leather Foamburst
This has to be the most fun I have ever had with a shower gel right here. I remember first getting it a few years ago when it was first released and being so amazed by how much it foams up and after repurchasing it now I am still just as amazed! You only need the smallest amount on your hand it can be used to clean your entire body; the amount I have on my hand here is actually probably a bit too much. So when not on offer it can seem a little pricey for a drugstore shower gel but just me it goes a long way unless you get as excited as I did and end up using loads. It’s also good for those who don’t enjoy really strong smelling shower gels as this one, Japanese Spa, has a very gentle scent; again can be bought from all good supermarkets and drug stores and prices around the £3.50 mark.

 Crabtree & Evelyn Pomergranate Skin Cleansing Bath & Shower Gel
Finally this is my treaty shower gel, I got it as part of a gift set for finishing my exams (love you mummy) and I absolutely love it. I was able to smell the pomegranate range when I was last in America and fell in love with it then so when I saw you can get it in the UK I nearly weed myself with excitement. Next time you are around a Crabtree & Evelyn store or counter give it a smell and trust me you will be in love with it as well. It’s an amazing product and leaves me felling super soft, smelling amazing but the only downer is how small my sample bottle is. I think I will cry when it runs out. I am not sure on the price as I did get it from a gift set but I will link it to the Crabtree & Evelyn site if you want to have a little look see.  

What shower time treats have you been loving recently?
Love Hann xx