Monday, 30 December 2013

New Years Resolutions Kind Of...

Happy holidays kittens! I hope you have had an amazing time and are excited for a fabulous new year. I know I fallen behind the blog bandwagon but since I have just started the biggest transition of my life I haven’t really had time to do any blogging which makes me very sad. However change is coming!
I am the only person in my family who really like new years and embrace it; I love it because (even though we all fail by February) it gives us a chance to change the things we don’t like or correct the aspects of our lives that we don’t think are going the way they should. 2013 has been the best year of my life so far and I intend to make 2014 even better by trying out a better version of Hann.
I promise in the New Year to blog more consistently and keep you guys up to date on what adventures I am up to. Also I am going to make this blog more of a lifestyle, fashion, music and beauty place rather than mostly beauty because, especially music, makes up a lot of my life and I want to share it more with you! To start this I am going to leave at the bottom my current life playlist which is just the songs I have on repeat right now, please tell me what you think and what you have been listening to!
Another thing I want to do it read more as right now I don’t read at all, to encourage that as well I am going to start reviewing at least one book a month like a book club but with less Jane Austen and more tea.  All the teas!
That’s all for now angels, what are you planning for New Years?  Have you got any new year’s resolutions?
Have a fabulous and safe New Years
Love Hann xx

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Loopy For Hoops

If you asked me a year ago what I thought about big gold hoop earrings I would have probably said they were charvy and disgusting but oh how time changes things! I am absolutely in love with hoops earring right now, I don’t know what it is but they are all I am wearing at the moment and I have found myself eyeing up a pair of heart shaped gold hoops in urban outfitters last week. 16 year old Hann would be outraged. I don’t know if it’s the 90’s feel about them or that upon wearing them it gives a strong enough look that no other jewellery is needed but I am obsessed by them.
These are my two favourite pairs of the moment and I am planning to buy more soon. If you want some of your own I recommend going to Topshop, Urban Outfitters and River Island as they have a fabulous collection of these loopy beauties.
How do you feel about big hooped earrings?

Love Hann xx

Friday, 15 November 2013

The East End Thrift Shop

London is expensive you say? Lies I say! Just round the corner from Mile End tube station is the East End Thrift store; which isn’t really a shop but more a garage which hangs clothes outside but whatever. In this ponderous Aladdin’s cave holds a marvellous collection of second hand coats, jumpers, shorts, dresses and everything you can think of at low prices! Not only that but what makes them unique is there fill a bag for £10 or £20 offer where you get a carrier bag and can fit as much in as you can then only pay the corresponding price for it (the £20 bags are bigger etc.)
When I went I was able to get all of the above in a £10 making each item on £2.50 each; these items include a cardigan, 2 big Christmas jumpers and a massive cosy winter coat. Amazing right?! Personally, the best things they do are jumpers and coats but go along and see what you can find! I will leave their Facebook link down below so you can find it yourself and its open every Saturday and Sunday. If you go along please give me a link to show me what you manage to get, I love being nosey.
Where is your favourite place to shop in London?

Love Hann xx

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Halloween Day Of The Dead Makeup

I am going to put my hands up and admit I am the worse person in the world for costumes; I am truly awful in the fact that I just am too lazy to get anything together and Halloween this year was no different. In my last minute panic I just decided to go for a makeup look instead and to my amazement it actually worked! I paired up a “day of the dead skull” with a simple black dress and flower head band which I had anyway and them boom! There’s a costume! I am anything but a makeup artist so there are probably a million better ways to do this look but I managed to do it just using makeup I already had making it an inexpensive, easy option.

Safe to say it took a lot of black eyeliner for the spider web detail, flower affect around the eyes and for the lips, I used a black kohl pencil (I used Rimmel London Soft Kohl) as the base as I found it easy to use then put black liquid eye liner on top to define it (I used a mix of a MUA eyeliner and my EyeKo London Pencil). For the eyes themselves and my nose I used a chunky eye shadow pencil (Collection 2000 Work the Colour) as it was so easy and quick to use to fill it all in and I did put a little mascara on (Rimmel Scandaleyes) but with the black background it’s not necessary really. I didn’t have any coloured face paint on me so for the base of my face I just went for the lightest foundation I had (L’Oreal Code Lumiere BB Cream) and I found it worked just fine; for the colour around the eyes I used a bright pink lipstick I had (Maxfactor in English Rose) but if you have coloured eyeliner that would work well as well. For my hair I just backcombed the living daylights out of it (sorry hair) and put way too much hair spray on it just to get the dead zombie look.

 So there you go, if you are as bad at costumes as I am just go for a bold make up look as it can be really cheap and easy to do! I found millions of brilliant tutorials on YouTube to help me so if you want to just type in the look you are going for and you will be able to find something easy.

What did you dress up as for Halloween? Please link me too some pictures!
Love spooky Hann xxx

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

DIY Pretty Work Folders

As most students are I am determined to save as many pennies as I can and one way to do that is my making things yourself. One way I did this was by buying cheap ring binders/folders from a stationary shop for only £1.99 each then decorating them yourself! This is also better in the sense that you have more freedom over how you want your folders to look; for me I just wanted decorations down the side as that was what I was going to see when they were stored away. I decided to decorate mine just with stickers which I bought from Paperchase; they have a fabulous selection and can come as cheap as only £1.00 a packet (also don’t forget to get the 10% student discount!) I went for small woodland creatures for my coloured folders and glow in the dark space stickers for my black ones, cool I know right? Each packet covered two spines of a folder so all together each folder only cost my £2.49 which to me is a nice bargain and also to me they look awesome so I am a happy girl.
What DIY tricks do you have to save money?

Love Hann xxx

Monday, 21 October 2013

Super Savings Boots Haul

Like most people I do love a deal and I was pleasantly surprised in Boots on Friday when I came across 2 deals which saved me just under £10 and involved things I actually needed! How fabulous?!
The first deal is if you spend £10 or more on Rimmel products you get their Scandal Eyes Flex Mascara for free. I went into Boots needing a new foundation, pressed powder and mascara so I nearly weed myself at this offer! It’s not hard to spend £10 on any make up products as well so I thought it was quite a generous deal as well and also in that on its own the mascara £6.99 so I was happy with that. 
Second deal of the day was that Boots have 3 for 2 on all facial and body products I think it is and it includes most brands so you have a large selection to choose from. I needed a new facial scrub and hand sanitizer as the tube has been stressing me out more than I thought it would with hygiene and that. I got the Garnier Fruit Energy scrub because my sister had recommended it to me and as well as that it smells AWESOME! Like seriously after using it I want to eat my face, so good! Along with that I had heard amazing things about the Soap & Glory hand sanitizer which also smells fabulous so that fell into my paws with the legendary Sugar Crush Body Wash which actually smells heavenly! I have used it as well and it just makes you feel so good and refreshed so I do recommend this product to anyone who enjoys sweet smelling products.
So overall a very happy Hann left Boots on Friday, if you need some more beauty supplies I do recommend to go and check these deals before they are gone.
What deals have you loved recently?
I haven’t mentioned any music recently but I do want to start to again and a band I have been obsessed with at the moment is London Grammar so go check them out, ear-gasms all around!

Love Hann xx

Friday, 18 October 2013

Sugar Violet Kisses

Wearing Sugar Violet
I am a bad person I know and I haven’t posted in ages but I am still getting used to university life! A quick post here reviewing my latest treat which I bought off the lovely Helen from thelovecatsinc in her blog sale and I am in love with it; my mum has Laura Mercier lip stain in Red at home and I was obsessed with it so  when I saw this one for a small price of £8 I had to have it. It’s called Sugar Violet and it is a lovely plum colour which is going to be perfect for the winter; I am a fan of lip stains as I feel they last longer than lipsticks and they are generally easier to apply. I did get this discounted but Laura Mercier is one of those brands where I would be happy to pay a little more for as all of their products are amazing. I am sure this is going to be my stable winter shade.
What is your favourite winter lip colour?

Love Hann xxx

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Current Life Favourites

Why hi there guys, I made a wee video yesterday about what beauty products and other random things I have been loving recently. As I am a student now I have only included things which are inexpensive but are at the same time a quality product so if you are still in school, a student (like me!) or are just trying to save a few pennies then this will be helpful to you. 
What things have you been loving recently?
Love Hann xx

Friday, 4 October 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips, Original I know!

Baby Lips in Peach Kiss
Baby Lips Pink Punch
Hold on to your hats people, here comes a review on Maybelline’sBaby Lips. Original I know right? I know every beauty blogger and their dog has used these by now and had their say on them but I want to throw my thoughts into the ring.  I actually really like this product; you get what it says on the tin (or tube) and they are cheap as chips. Normally £2.99 each or buy on get one half price at Boots so £4.50 for two, so really you can’t go wrong! They work just like a lip balm/chap stick in that you just whack it on without a thought and it hydrates your lips but on top of that the Baby Lips I bought also give you a slight tint to your lips. They are great just to throw into your hand bag or school bag as something you can apply on the go, even without a mirror or using the selfie camera on your phone. I do recommend them for anyone who is a little afraid of applying lipstick in a rush (slowly raises hand) or someone on a budget who wants something cheap yet affective to wear every day…actually I recommend them to everyone (plus the packaging is caaaute as well).
What is your favourite lip product at the moment?

Love Hann xx

My Everyday Make Up Routine

Hi guys, how you doing? I recently did a little wee video showing how I do my everyday make up which I will do for university or a day shopping or something along those lines. Hope you enjoy it and I am currently doing more blogging posts now as my life starts to settle down again.
Love Hann xxx

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Autumn Jewellery Favourites

Hello kittens! Sorry for the lack of posts but I am just getting used to my new timetable and it’s been a wee bit of a hectic week but hopefully from now it’ll calm down a little. On a brighter note its becoming autumn now (inserts happy dance here) and I love autumn so much because it’s so pretty, you can start layering up and its closer to Christmas! Last weekend I was a little naughty and went shopping to stock up on my autumn wardrobe and I managed to get two key jewellery pieces for under £10, mummy Hann would be so proud. 
The first thing was this statement necklace from the Next sale; it take me a while to come round to statement necklaces as at first I just thought they were a bit garish and in your face. However over time I was subject to lots of different designs and I was won over completely…except from the price tag; as a bargain hunter I find it hard to spend a lot of on high street jewellery. Then I saw this beauty for £6 in the sale and I just had to have it! I have worn it none stop this week and had so many compliments on it that I am so tempted to buy more. It is fabulous as it can liven up any outfit so easily.      
(sorry about the nails guys!)
My next little treat was a couple of midi rings; I have loved midi rings for ages  but again I wasn’t prepared to pay £6 for one as it’s inevitable that I was lose it as I am a mixture of useless and clumsy. Then I found these little gems in Forever 21 for only £1.75 each! What a bargain! They had quite a few designs but I demonstrated some will power and only got two which I absolutely love and haven’t even lost yet.  So if you want some midi rings but are like me and are going to lose them, then head down to Forever 21 and treat yourself.
What jewellery trend have you loved recently?
Love Hann xxx

Saturday, 21 September 2013

University Room Tour Video

Hello there my little chickens! I thought I would something a little different  today and do a wee video showing you guys around my new university  (and  rather small) room. I hope you like it and please tell me what you think about it and if you like to see more videos or not.
Many kisses!

Love Hann xx

Friday, 20 September 2013

Cheap Storage Ideas

Sorry kittens the lack of posts recently but I have just moved to London and haven’t had time to breath! Whilst unpacking though I have realised that I have brought nothing to store little desk/dressing table bits and  bobs in (make up brushes, pencils etc.) and as I am a student I can’t go out and buy anything so I have just used things I do have.  Some ideas weren’t as successful but I have 3 cheap ideas of how to store bits and bobs which is efficient but pretty too!
Ikea Bowl
I initially got this for its original purpose for food but I have found it so good just for brushes, mascara, eyeliner and that. They are super cheap and come in a variation of designs and I just think they are perfect for this job!
Wine Bottle (penny jar)
After arriving I realised I had forgotten anything to put my spare pennies in and I absolutely hate having loads of lose change in my purse so this had to be solved. This bottle is perfect as it has a really wide top so it’s easy to drop coins in and get them out.  I love using old glass bottles for storage; I use them as penny jars and candle holders mainly.
Candle Box
I used this to carry all of my rings in when travelling down and it’s perfect for it! With most candles you do get a box to go with it or you can use the candle itself when its burned out; just wash out and then you are ready to go.
I still have other things I need homes for so please tell me your ideas for cheap yet pretty storage devices!
Hope you are all well and thank you for reading!
Love Hann xxx

Monday, 9 September 2013

University Panic!

Whilst I was away in Thailand (I will stop talking about it soon I promise) I found out I was accepted to study at the University of my Choice which was so exciting but at the same time really scary. Moving away from home is always nerve wrecking and what makes it scarier is that I am moving from Newcastle all the way down the country to the beautiful capital of London in no more than a week now! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Whilst getting ready I have found a few places that are amazing for buying things for University that provide everything you need but at the same time don’t break the bank balance.
Ikea kind of an obvious choice but it does just have a fabulous range of kitchen utensils which will set anyone up for moving out.
Sainsbury’s originally I never thought of going here but after being recommended it by friends I decided to check it out and I found some culinary delights.
Home Bargains + B&M Bargains these are already two of my favourite shops for cheap goods and they have supplied me with treats for university including kitchen equipment, hair care and cheap food (always a good thing)
Lidl is the ultimate food shop to go to for students with its quality food at low prices. I love it so much! The first encounter may be quite frightening as some of the brands are not the best known but I promise you it’s worth the trip as the food is always a good quality and its low prices will help you save your money for more important things.
 With only 4 days before I leave I am living in these shops getting everything together; wish me luck!
What are your best student places to shop?  
Love a very stressed Hann xxx

Friday, 6 September 2013

Night Out Smokey Eye Look

The lovely people who I work with organised a last night out for me before I leave for university (what cherubs!) and I decided this was a perfect time to try out some of the products I have reviewed recently. I have done this as I have been very lazy recently and reviewed products and not actually shown them in use; bad Hann, the look I went for is a Smokey eye look as I was going out at night to go ‘clubbing’ as the cool kids call it. I am just using this as a post as an example of what these products can do (will link the products that I am on about) as I am not a makeup artist and I feel I have no real authority to show you guys how to do your make up but if you would like, leave comments below and I will do a quick post how I did this look.
The products I used:
Rimmel London Traffic Stopping Shadow review post
Collection Work the Collection Eye Shadow Pencil in Glitz review post
Maybelline Falsies Mascara review post
Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick in shade 08 review coming
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation review post
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer review post
Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil review post
Bourjois Paris Maxi Delight Bronzer review post
Please tell me what you think about this look and also tell me about what looks you have been using recently!
Love Hann xx

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

B&B Surf Spray Bargain Dupe: Charles Worthington Salt Spray

Charles Worthington Salt Srap £0.99 Home Bargains

I am a self-confessed Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray lover but since I am now a student living in London it is not a luxury that I can afford which makes a very sad Hann, however today when I was wandering I found this little beauty in my Home Bargains; a £0.99 Charles Worthington Salt Spray which in other words is a Surf Spray dupe. It is really easy to use as well; all you have to do is spray on to dry/wet hair and dry with a hair drying on a gentle heat to get nice subtle waves. I don’t think it is as good as the Surf Spray but for the price I think it’s amazing and I highly recommend it to any one on a budget.  

What do you think about the Surf Spray? What bargains have you found recently?

Love Hann xx