Tuesday, 29 October 2013

DIY Pretty Work Folders

As most students are I am determined to save as many pennies as I can and one way to do that is my making things yourself. One way I did this was by buying cheap ring binders/folders from a stationary shop for only £1.99 each then decorating them yourself! This is also better in the sense that you have more freedom over how you want your folders to look; for me I just wanted decorations down the side as that was what I was going to see when they were stored away. I decided to decorate mine just with stickers which I bought from Paperchase; they have a fabulous selection and can come as cheap as only £1.00 a packet (also don’t forget to get the 10% student discount!) I went for small woodland creatures for my coloured folders and glow in the dark space stickers for my black ones, cool I know right? Each packet covered two spines of a folder so all together each folder only cost my £2.49 which to me is a nice bargain and also to me they look awesome so I am a happy girl.
What DIY tricks do you have to save money?

Love Hann xxx


  1. heyy, im so happy i stumbled across your blog! Its really good :) I love all the 'boots bargains' aha


  2. super cute idea!!! :)