Sunday, 31 March 2013

Music Review: The Original Rude Boys

I have always had a love for the Irish and this band has just given one more reason to! My sister was lucky enough to go and see The Script play in Aberdeen a few weeks ago and the main thing she raved about was there supporting act, The Original Rude Boys. After she played me a few of their tracks I took a look into them myself and boy am I a fan now!  The Original Rudeboys are an Irish acoustic hip hop band from Dublin, Ireland. They are notable for single Stars In My Eyes which hit number 2 on iTunes and has received national airplay. They have played such venues as The Olympia Theatre and have also played at festivals such as Oxegen and the Reading and Leeds Festivals. The band consists of Luke Manchini Sean "Neddy" Arkins (Rap Vocals), Robert Burch (Guitar and Vocals) and Sean "Walshy" Walsh (Ukulele). The band's genre has been described as a cross between hip hop and indie. 

Like many young acts these days they started to gather there fan base through uploading there music on to YouTube;  according to the group they had no intention of becoming a band but after seeing the views on their videos rise they decided to take on the music industry. They uploaded Stars In My Eyes up first and the amazing feedback from the song gave them their first single and lead to them making a television appearance on The Saturday Night Show. Since then they have had 3 sell out nights at Dublin’s academy 2, released their debut album This Life and are currently touring with The Script not only in the UK but also in Australia. 

                                              The Original Rude Boys "Stars In My Eyes"

I normally like to relate new bands to other current bands to help you guys a little inkling to weather you will enjoy the band or not but with these boys I can’t think of anyone to compare them to. They are indie with a splash of hip-hop but while still keeping the soulful feeling of original song writing. Not only are the boys talented song writers but they have a collection of beautiful vocals and are very talented

musicians . So all I can say is give them a listen and decide for yourself what you think; I personally love them and I am very excited to see what comes of them. There album is beautiful and flows all the way through which I find you don’t get any more with some albums where you can listen to it all the way through without skipping a track. My favourite song on the album is Blue Eyes and I will leave a link to it below but please check these guys out! If you have any comments please leave away below. 

The Original Rude Boys "Blue Eyes"

Hope you are all well and have a very happy easter! Lots of love Hann xxx 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

TK Maxx Mini Beauty Haul

At a young age my mother taught me the wonders of TK Maxx and my love for the store has never died! Its quality stock and cheap prices has always kept me going back for more; this week has been no different. Recently I have had troubles with my skin so I decided to purchase some more cleanser and facial scrub to see if I can get it back under control however I am a little low on dollar at the minute so I decided to go to TK Maxx to see if I could find anything and what treats I did discover (which didn’t come over £20, bonus!) 

The first bargain treat I spotted was this cleansing & toning milk by Olio d Argan which is made with pure organically grown argan oil. Ever since I went to Morocco with my family a few years ago and saw first-hand in the markets and pharmacy’s how versatile argan is and how much they used it I have been fascinated with it. However I have never purchased any in the UK due to the hefty price tag that comes with most products using it; so imagine my joy when I found this at the measly price of £5.99! Olio d Argan is an Italian company and I have heard of how popular there shampoos are but I haven’t come across a review of there cleansers before (if anybody knows one please leave in comments below!) so I will use it then report back but I do have high hopes for it. 

Next I found this Coryse Salome Paris, facial exfoliating gel which is actually anti-aging…at 19 I don’t normally go for anti-aging products but it was the only scrub I could fine and was only £4.99. The reason I am writing about it is that when I got home I googled the make and I found that the retail price for this scrub is $20.00, so around £13.00 which I found to be a bit of a bargain. I then went on the company’s home page and found this “RNA / DNA Renaissance: a complete, intensive beauty treatment to help slow the appearance of visible signs of aging. Renaissance is based on an exclusive complex containing RNA and DNA, fundamental cell components which contribute to basic metabolisms and play a key role in cellular renewal.”  After my little research I am quite happy with my find and I used the scrub last night and so far I am impressed; it’s nice in that it’s a light scrub and after use your skin doesn’t feel sensitive or damaged. I will report more after more use.

Finally, I treated myself to something a little extra. Sticking along the argan oil theme I bought some Argania Spinosa Organic Argan Oil for hair which is also described as liquid gold from morocco. I love hair oil and since my old bottle (Lee Stafford hair oil) I have been looking for some more and since there is so many different makes out there I wanted to try something a bit different then BOOM! I found it and at only £4.99 for the bottle I was buzzing. If you don’t already have some I would definitely purchase in some hair oil; you don’t have to go for the pricey Moroccan Hair oil either; there are many variations out now with a smaller price tag which work just as well. I personally use it mostly just too put on the ends of my hair after styling as my hair is getting quite long now and needs a bit more looking after but the oil has many uses and I definitely suggest an investment in a bottle. I have never used this make before but I will report back.  

                        That is all for now kittens, hope you are all well! Lots of love Hann xxxx