Saturday, 9 March 2013

Music Review: Bastille
Bastille "Bad Blood" debut album available now on ITunes
BASTILLES ALBUM IS FINALLY OUT! OH MY GEE I AM SO EXCITED I MAY HAVE A LITTER OF KITTENS! Breath Hann, breath. Phew. Wow. I just got over excited then. Bastilles debut album Bad Blood has eventually been released and after stalking them for a good 2 years after first hearing their song “Laura Palmer” played in Made In Chelsea it is a very exciting time for me and the album has not let me down.  Bastille is a band from South London, England, formed in 2010. Bastille started out as a solo project by singer-songwriter Dan Smith, who later decided to form a band. The quartet consists of Dan Smith, Chris 'Woody' Wood, Will Farquarson and Kyle Simmons. Since then they released singles Flaws, Laura Palmer (my favourite) and Icarus. Over the years the band gathered support through these singles and other releases over the internet and have been called one the bands to watch for 2013 by many people including BBC Radio 1.

I have always been a fan of the band and have had their three singles on repeat for 2 years desperately waiting for an album to be released; Bad Blood is their debut album and is also the name of one of their singles. Bastille have got an unique sound which have helped them get noticed; it is a fabulous combination of rock sounds with electronic beats and for some of their bigger sounds even strings are used. This makes all of the band singles recognisable in that when one of their singles are played you automatically know who it is which doesn’t happen often any more in the music world. This outstanding sound along with Dan’s beautiful lyrics and unbelievable vocals makes Bastilles a must listen. I absolutely love the album but listening to the band live is another step above. I was lucky enough to see them live on the Bad Blood tour when they came to Newcastle (amazing night!) but if you haven’t been able to see them live they have recorded some of their singles live in the Abbey Road studios which you can watch on youtube, I will leave a linkbelow. 
Bastille - Flaws (Recorded At Abbey Road)

Not only that but they were invited into Radio 1’s legendary live lounge where they did one of their own tracks along with a cover. This cover will go down as one of the best done in the live lounge in my opinion; it was a mash up of Bruno Mars’s Locked out of Heaven and Rihanna’s Diamonds. Pure genius. So if you haven’t already please go and check Bastille out, they are an amazing band and a true British talent.  If you like indie rock with a twist then this band is up your street, I will leave the video for their Radio 1 live lounger below. The reason I did this review this week as well is that their single Laughing Lines is actually ITunes free download of the week this week so go get it! Its free and it’s an amazing single so you won’t regret it. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and please any comments below on what you think about them or if you have any recommendations of new or old bands you would like me to listen to. Lots of love Hann xxx

Bastille - Locked Out of Heaven (Mash-up) - The BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge