Thursday, 21 March 2013

Chemistry Fun

This is a mini post just to share some of my chemistry experiments I have been doing at 6th form recently. I know this sounds really geeky and weird but I had to share these with you! We are currently doing about transition metals; I won’t go into the boring details but what I wanted to share is the colours these metals make with certain chemicals; it’s amazing! each picture shows a test tube rack with 5 to 6 test tubes in; each test tube has the same metal in so they all start the same colour but then to each test tube we add a different chemical AND LOOK AT THE MAGIC COLOUR CHANGES!!! So yeah, even though chemistry A level is one of the hardest and most boring things you can do…it still has its perks and making pretty test tubes is one; so please enjoy! If you have a questions on these please ask away, lots of love Hann xxxxx

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