Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Music Review: Nina Nesbitt

Nina Nesbitt Photo from Topshops Introducing

I normally find the adverts that are before YouTube videos extremely annoying and I can’t wait for the 5 seconds to pass so I can skip to the video I want to watch but the other day I stumbled upon Nina Nesbitt. Her video for “Stay Out” started to play; my mouse hovered over the skip button but I was intrigued. So after the full video had passed I went on to her vevo channel and watched her other videos for “Boy” and “Statues” (which are both excellent) and I just had to know more! Her soul voice and simple yet beautiful lyrics took me a hold. Finally I had been advertised something I am interested in, THANK YOU YOUTUBE!   
Nina was born on 11 July 1994 in Balerno, Edinburgh; she is of mixed descent with a Swedish mother and Scottish father. She started her music career by writing and recording songs in her bedroom and uploading the videos to her YouTube channel. The young talent has already played on BBC introducing stage and has been fan-girl’d by Radio 1 DJ’s Scott Mills and Fearne Cotton who made Nina's song "The Apple Tree" her big thing of the week in October 2012. Not only that but she toured with Example in 2011 and has shared a stage with Ed Sheeran…done quite well for only being 18!

Nina Nesbitt "Stay Out" The Stay Out EP is out April 8th

If you are a fan of Ed Sheeran you will probably also be a fan of Nina. Her simply yet amazing songs are easy to listen to and to me she is a breath of fresh air into the music industry. Her style has been described as rock meets pretty; wearing floral skirts, baggy jumpers, skinny jeans and is a lover of studs. In many ways, Nina Nesbitt is a typical teen. She thinks about boys and growing up, mistakes made and lessons learnt, while watching the world change around her. She is adamant about an issue one day and changes her mind the next. She is both bold and daring and on the shy side.
If you go on Nina’s website you can download one of her live singles for free if you can’t wait for the Stay Outs EP to be released on April 8th! I am a fan of her music and I admire her determination for going what she wants at such a young age in such a competitive industry. This girl is one to watch in the next few years so take my advice and if you have the chance check her out either on YouTube or on her blog which comes up first when searching Nina Nesbitt into Google. Below I will post my favourite song of hers currently on YouTube which is called “Make Me Fall” which is also going to be on the Stay Out EP.  If you have any comments on her or any other music you think I should check out please tell me! Hope you are all well kittens, Lots of love Hann xxxx

 Nina Nesbitt "Make Me Fall" The Stay Out EP is out April 8th


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