Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers/Moses day!

Me and my beautiful Mum before prom

Happy Mother’s day! Hope all you have treated your mums wellor if you are a mum yourself I hope you have had a lovely day being pamperedand had lots of treats. The reason my title is mothers/Moses is that thenickname I call my mum is Moses; this name came around about a year ago whenshe bought a new long coat which made her look like she was leading a group orsomething and she kept on saying she was going to write things down in stonelike Moses did with the 10 commandments. So there you have it. My mum is calledMoses; she is even saved as Moses in my phone. I love my mum very much and Iwould like to dedicate this post to her, LOVE YOU MUMMY!

This sums up our relationship perfectly
Mum, Me and my older sister Sophie
 Have a great day kittens! Lots of love Hann xxxx

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