Sunday, 17 March 2013

25 Things About Me

Just dawned on me that you know little to nothing about me…except I like to call people kittens; so here are 25 facts about me (original; I know right) 

1)      I am 19 years young

2)      Geordie girl born, bred and proud; this means I am born in Newcastle, England if you don’t know! It way up north in the country and we are often forgotten about and are confused as being brain dead Scottish people. 

3) I have a leopard print tortoise called Jack, he is 3 and is my very own little dinosaur

4)      I am on my gap year at the minute between high school and university and resitting a few exams as I go; these include Biology, Chemistry and Maths. Nerdy and I love it!

5)      Lived by the sea my entire life. I class myself as a Geordie lass but I actually grew up 20 minutes outside of Newcastle city centre in a town called Whitley Bay and I could never not picture myself living by the sea.

Baby Jack! The day I got him when he was only a year old
6)      I have a small addiction to Pepsi Maxx, like its seriously bad! I have a feeling if I fell and cut my leg Pepsi will come out instead of blood. 

7)      In October 2012 I had to have knee surgery as I tore the cartilage in my knee (I will skip the boring biology part to how/why I had it repaired instead of taken out) which left me with a MASSIVE leg brace on and on crutches for 8 weeks. Deep sigh.
8)      I have had 2 part time jobs since I was 16; I am a swim teacher and I a lifeguard. I love both of my jobs because it has helped me meet amazing friends and I just generally really enjoy it. Feel like I am training mini Olympians 3 times a week, watch out Phelps.
9)      Music means not everything but a hell of a lot to me! My iPod has the strangest collection of music on; from One Direction to Metallica to Classical FM to Two Door Cinema Club. 

10)      I do rather adore One Direction (Harry call me!)

Whitley Bay Sea Front, home sweet home 
11)      I have always been an active person and I enjoy running, swimming and long walks. Yes I am nerd who enjoys long walks, please don’t judge me. 

12)      My life goal is to travel the world and go to every continent at least. So far I have been lucky enough to go to 4; Europe (obvs), Africa, North and South America. 

13)      I have a passion for graphic novels and super heroes; my favourite is either Sin City or Batman it’s too hard to call. I would also sell a leg and an arm to go to Comic-Con one day, please please please please make it happen Jesus! 

14)      When I was 17 I went to T in the Park with my friends from school and it was an amazing weekend I’ll never forget except for the part where I managed to get a black eye on the last night and I had to go straight to a school biology trip in Ambleside for a week. My sunglasses sadly didn’t cover it and putting make up on it wasn’t an option as it was bloody painful to touch! Films lie. 

1)      Every year my friend throws a Eurovision party where we all have to get dressed up as the country we think is going to win and drink copious amounts of themed cocktails; it’s probably one of the best nights of the year. LONG LIVE EUORVISION.  

Last years Eurovision, I went as Russia.

16)      I met my bestest friend, Lucy, through the swimming club we both attended when we 13/14 and I actually remember the first thing we did outside of swimming was go see Madagascar 2 at the cinema and my friend cried at the very beginning when the baby lion got taken away (I can’t remember its name) and I knew we would be friends for a long time.

17)      I have ridiculously small thumbs.

18)      My initials spell HOM, Hannah Olivia Marshall; I always wanted my middles name to begin with an A so my initials spelt HAM.

19)      I completed my Duke of Edinburgh award up to the silver level which I am very proud of as I am an awful camper.

20)      At 19 years old I have never had a driving lesson so therefore can’t drive and I think this is partially down to how clumsy and easily distracted I am therefore my parents don’t have the cuts to let me drive. Smart decision on their behalf.

Me and me bestest Lucy, major throwback!

21)       The first concert I ever saw was Steps with my sister and dad at the Metro Radio Arena, it was amazing!
22)      I have an original Blue Peter badge (the white ones with blue writing)
23)      When I was 16 I went to Costa Rica with the Rangers (older girl guides) to celebrate the centenary and was one of the best opportunities I have ever had in my life. Not only that but due to the Icelandic volcano erupting we got “stuck” in Houston Texas for another 2 weeks and spent the time meeting up with girl scouts out there and it was an unforgettable time in my life.
24)      My hands and feet are always cold and go blue regularly. Like a smurf.
25)      Finally, me and my family have a dog as well called Heidi who is an Alaskan malamute and I take an ridiculous amount of photos of.  
Look, shock a picture of my dog! Snow Pony
 Well I hope that wasn't too boring for you! If you have any more questions on my nerdy life please ask away. I hope you are all well my kittens, lots of love Hann xxx

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