Sunday, 10 March 2013

Nails of the Moment

Models Ownin Feeling Blue and Blizzard (I purchased these in my Sunday haul post, look for prices)
Hi kittens! One thing you should know about me is that I am a nail varnish freak. I love nail varnish so much and for someone who is in the pool at least 4 times a week up keeping my nails is a struggle (they just chip in the water automatically) so I am constantly buying new nail varnish trying to find one that works and lasts. My favourite nail varnish at the moment is from Models Own which is a well raved about brand and rightfully it is; the coverage is thick and with the main colours 2 coats is more than enough. Also when I say thick I mean it in the sense that the colour is opaque and covers the nail not that it is really chunky when it dries. Chunky…that’s an odd way to describe nail varnish Hann.  
Feeling Blue base (please ignore face)
Feeling Blue base after 2 coats

Also you may have noticed that I have freakishly small thumbs; they are so small compared to the rest of my hand that once I was asked if it was harder for me to pick things up. Pfft wasn’t impressed. Anyway back to the nail varnish. I really like this nail colour and on its own it is more than enough for a nice wintery look but I like glitter. This is why about 89% of the time I have a sparkly top coat on; this top coat is also Models Own called Blizzard and I got it in a pack of 3 (for more details go on my previous post, Sunday Haul). I do enjoy using this top coat; it isn’t the best top coat I have ever used but for being a drug store brand and for the price I think it is pretty good. Another bonus is that it only needs one coat to have the desired coverage and it doesn’t have the rough texture that some cheaper topcoats can have so an extra clear top coat is not needed.

Feeling Blue with Blizzard top coat, all Models Own

Tah dah! That is my nail varnish combination of the moment; I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions or recommendations for a nail varnish that can stand a constant existence in chlorine please tell me. PLEAAAASE! Have a good week darlings, speak soon lots of love Hann xxxx

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