Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Spring Issue

Spring is here! Yeeeeeey sun! Well, it’s meant to be but the occasional snow showers put a little doubt into my head that it’s the weather to unleash t-shirts and skirts however I am still drooling over the new spring collections. After reading countless fashion magazines all presenting the new trends at high street and high fashions levels I have decided on my 3 favourite trends of spring 2013 and here I am going sharing with you!

Monochrome (black and white)
I love this trend immensely; I have always been a fan of black clothing. Not in a gothic way but in a way in that black is so chic and simple and effortless and when thinking about it I really should stop wearing as much black! My wardrobe at a glimpse is actually quite colourful but on days in which I cannot be bothered to think of an outfit to put together I will probably just end up wearing an all-black outfit…whoops.  So seeing monochrome hitting the catwalks I was too excited to start planning all my new outfits; also I am excited to start exploring more into white as well. I don’t think I actually own any piece of clothing that is completely white, so with monochrome in season I am determined to start looking into more white clothing (except white jeans, I am sorry but I just think they look cheap) Out of all the new lines Topshop have excelled themselves with monochrome, especially to monochrome amateurs like myself, with their T-shirt collections; they quirky, fun and easy to wear and yet still stay within the trend.