Saturday, 2 November 2013

Halloween Day Of The Dead Makeup

I am going to put my hands up and admit I am the worse person in the world for costumes; I am truly awful in the fact that I just am too lazy to get anything together and Halloween this year was no different. In my last minute panic I just decided to go for a makeup look instead and to my amazement it actually worked! I paired up a “day of the dead skull” with a simple black dress and flower head band which I had anyway and them boom! There’s a costume! I am anything but a makeup artist so there are probably a million better ways to do this look but I managed to do it just using makeup I already had making it an inexpensive, easy option.

Safe to say it took a lot of black eyeliner for the spider web detail, flower affect around the eyes and for the lips, I used a black kohl pencil (I used Rimmel London Soft Kohl) as the base as I found it easy to use then put black liquid eye liner on top to define it (I used a mix of a MUA eyeliner and my EyeKo London Pencil). For the eyes themselves and my nose I used a chunky eye shadow pencil (Collection 2000 Work the Colour) as it was so easy and quick to use to fill it all in and I did put a little mascara on (Rimmel Scandaleyes) but with the black background it’s not necessary really. I didn’t have any coloured face paint on me so for the base of my face I just went for the lightest foundation I had (L’Oreal Code Lumiere BB Cream) and I found it worked just fine; for the colour around the eyes I used a bright pink lipstick I had (Maxfactor in English Rose) but if you have coloured eyeliner that would work well as well. For my hair I just backcombed the living daylights out of it (sorry hair) and put way too much hair spray on it just to get the dead zombie look.

 So there you go, if you are as bad at costumes as I am just go for a bold make up look as it can be really cheap and easy to do! I found millions of brilliant tutorials on YouTube to help me so if you want to just type in the look you are going for and you will be able to find something easy.

What did you dress up as for Halloween? Please link me too some pictures!
Love spooky Hann xxx


  1. This makeup looks really cool, I went as a gothic style witch x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  2. I love that! Haha
    I've nominated you for the versatile bloggers award and have just put the post up over on my blog-
    I love your blog!
    Katie xx

  3. Scary but still lovable!