Friday, 15 November 2013

The East End Thrift Shop

London is expensive you say? Lies I say! Just round the corner from Mile End tube station is the East End Thrift store; which isn’t really a shop but more a garage which hangs clothes outside but whatever. In this ponderous Aladdin’s cave holds a marvellous collection of second hand coats, jumpers, shorts, dresses and everything you can think of at low prices! Not only that but what makes them unique is there fill a bag for £10 or £20 offer where you get a carrier bag and can fit as much in as you can then only pay the corresponding price for it (the £20 bags are bigger etc.)
When I went I was able to get all of the above in a £10 making each item on £2.50 each; these items include a cardigan, 2 big Christmas jumpers and a massive cosy winter coat. Amazing right?! Personally, the best things they do are jumpers and coats but go along and see what you can find! I will leave their Facebook link down below so you can find it yourself and its open every Saturday and Sunday. If you go along please give me a link to show me what you manage to get, I love being nosey.
Where is your favourite place to shop in London?

Love Hann xx

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  1. I can't believe you only paid £2.50 for that coat - what a bargain! I need to see this place next time I'm in London! Being a northern girl, I wouldn't really say I have any favourite places to shop so recommendations like this are always appreciated :)