Monday, 9 September 2013

University Panic!

Whilst I was away in Thailand (I will stop talking about it soon I promise) I found out I was accepted to study at the University of my Choice which was so exciting but at the same time really scary. Moving away from home is always nerve wrecking and what makes it scarier is that I am moving from Newcastle all the way down the country to the beautiful capital of London in no more than a week now! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Whilst getting ready I have found a few places that are amazing for buying things for University that provide everything you need but at the same time don’t break the bank balance.
Ikea kind of an obvious choice but it does just have a fabulous range of kitchen utensils which will set anyone up for moving out.
Sainsbury’s originally I never thought of going here but after being recommended it by friends I decided to check it out and I found some culinary delights.
Home Bargains + B&M Bargains these are already two of my favourite shops for cheap goods and they have supplied me with treats for university including kitchen equipment, hair care and cheap food (always a good thing)
Lidl is the ultimate food shop to go to for students with its quality food at low prices. I love it so much! The first encounter may be quite frightening as some of the brands are not the best known but I promise you it’s worth the trip as the food is always a good quality and its low prices will help you save your money for more important things.
 With only 4 days before I leave I am living in these shops getting everything together; wish me luck!
What are your best student places to shop?  
Love a very stressed Hann xxx

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  1. I've seen that Wilko do amazing student offers! I'll be moving to uni soon too and i'm so scared and nervous! Good luck to you! :) xx