Sunday, 14 July 2013

Bourjois Paris Maxi Delight Bronzer

Momma's Birthday Walk

Pale girl buying bronzer…a recipe for disaster you say? I say otherwise; I am sick of my skin looking deathly white all year round so I took the plunge last week in Superdrug and bought Bourjois Paris Maxi Delight Bronzer in shade 2. This was on offer and was only £5.99 so I thought f*** it and bought it even though I have never spent more than a £1 on bronzer before, (MUA bronzer, really good actually!) as I thought I was too pale for it. While outside of my comfort zone I have tried to add this to my day to day make up which has been made harder as the sun is out and in hot weather I tend to stay away from a lot of face make up but I am trying my best to use it, brownie promise! After a week of using it I thought I would share my first thought with my internet kittens on this product. Firstly I absolutely love the packaging which is a bonus; it is simple, sleek and even though it is quite big it’s not impossible to carry around; also don’t ask why I smelt it but I did and it smells really good, another bonus! Quality wise so far I really like it, as I am quite light I only add it very lightly using a power brush to my cheeks and other facial features and it leaves a nice sun kissed finish which I do enjoy. I wore it last week for my mum’s birthday when we went for an all-day walk so this put it to the test of lasting quality and I wasn’t upset with it but let’s just say it can’t stand up against a 5 mile beach walk in the summer heat. Overall I do really like it and I will keep using it. If you are a pale gal like me I suggest this as it has not got the scary price tag so bronzers have and it can also be applied very lightly so it doesn’t leave a tangoed affect.   

What bronzers do you love?

Love Hann xx


  1. I've always thought I was too pale for bronzer, but since this is on offer it'd be rude not to try it!

    Maxine, xx

  2. I love your sunglasses! I'm a pale gal too and always scared of bronzers so I normally stick to blush. The only one I've actually properly tried is NARS Laguna. This one looks lovely though and really affordable too, verrry tempting for summer I must say. Lovely blog too! Followed :):)
    Emma x

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment over on my blog, now following Hun.
    Bonjour powders all seem to smell amazing don't they! There one of my fave brands, great review.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  4. Yours looks really great :)
    I got one from Nilens Jord which I absolutely love!!

    Christina xx