Friday, 5 July 2013

Brow Raising Adventures

Sadly when I was created and my features were being decided I inherited my father’s eyebrows which mean if they are untreated they take up a good 76% of my face. Due to this I learned eye brow care from a young age to avoid embarrassment with the assistance of my mother; who I might add has lovely natural eyebrows…jealous. I thought I would share to you guys how I control my beasts so they are acceptable for human interaction.   

The first essential brow tool EVERYONE needs is a pair of decent tweezers and my favourite are Tweezerman tweezers by far (how many times can I say tweezers in one sentence). Upon purchasing they do seem rather pricey but they last so so well! I find with cheap tweezers that they are just not sharp enough and another bonus is that Tweezerman tweezers come in a wide range of colours, designs and patterns so there’s a pair to suit everyone. Big up for leopard print tweezers! You can get Tweezermans from most big drugstores and department stores. 
I find spending a lot of money on brow products a little hard since they are such a small part of the makeup world if that makes sense…don’t think it does but let’s just go with it. So instead of buying an expensive eyebrow brush I found this little trick; when mascara runs out keep the brush and wash it clean then let it dry. Then BOOM you have an eyebrow brush! Just use it as anyother eye brow brush and it works the exact same way without spending any extra dollar. I find bristle brushes work better then plastic brushes especially for thick brows like mine but plastic ones will do the same job. 
The final products I use are both products I have wrote about before in previous posts and I love them both even though one if more high end and the other drugstore. Firstly I use my NARS highlighter just below my brows on the both to just add a little definition to them and then use my Rimmel pencil to fill them in. I highly recommend these products but if you don’t want to shell out to get a high end highlighter I find using a light shimmer eye shadow instead works as well however make sure you add it lightly so you don’t get white brows. 
What do you do to your brows? Any helpful tips for a girl with face consuming brows?
Lots of love kittens, Hann xx

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