Tuesday, 17 November 2015

But my mom says I'm cool...

Your last year of university. It’s a very testing time with a selection of your lasts and first, a gaggle of essays and tests constantly being throw at you and the mastering of working off 4 hours sleep a night. Oh and of course that one piece of work that is famous for bringing men to their knees in tears, your dissertation. The taboo word of the year, no one wants to speak about it but it’s the only thing people have to talk about. Lucky for me I am in this place right now, constantly in the library reading journal after journal looking for ideas of how to write this 9000 words of misery. Great.
Oh Mark you have no idea
I am currently studying my undergraduate degree in pharmaceutical chemistry and for my dissertation in the form of a literature review which is just me reading and reading and reading scientific journals, articles, books and using this information to answer my title and then in the end bring forward my own ideas for the future of my topic (I bet you’re all jealous now). Alongside the 9000 words I need to write I am going to perform a presentation on my title, make a poster and make a public dissemination piece and this is where blogger comes in. A public dissemination piece is where I need to discuss my review with members of the public (you guys! Oh hey you!) and portray it in a way that anyone can understand. So hopefully it means that anyone will be able to know what I am wittering on about even without a background in chemistry, HOW EXCITING.
Oh and just wait, you haven’t heard what my title is yet *drum roll*
Coordination compounds in low oxidation states as precursors for the deposition of stoichiometric group IV and V metal nitride thin films
*fireworks and music and cheering of pure excitement*
To wrap this lengthy babble up what I am trying to do is to make everyone interested in science by making it as easy and as interesting (hopefully) as possible. So if you want to learn about how thin films are made, wow, please keep reading!
I will post what I do in small posts, I don’t want people falling asleep on their laptops now, and try to convey it in a way everyone will understand. I will include pictures as well just to keep it fresh and who doesn’t love a good science diagram *swoon*
If anyone has already gone through the tortures of a dissertation and have any advice how not to have a breakdown and buy the entire of ASOS then please share!

Stay cool and wish me luck! 

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