Monday, 26 December 2011


Lepord print dress: New look SALE £10.00
Red Lipstick: Barry M £5.50

Christmas time has come and gone again quickly as ever. I hope everyone had an amzing time as I did! being spoiled by santa, eating fine food and drinking too much food, what more could you want?! will post picture of all presents soon and along them I got £200 for my hokiday in the summer to zante (classy I know). Saving my pennies also for the holiday so I am avoiding the sales like the plague and Staying in with the family instead. Trying to resist going out but so far I have comfirmed 3 nights out in the next week alone! Saving is harder then it seems.
Attempting to make some news years resloutions which I will not keep, they are going well so far and with my new teal filafax staying organised may actually happen. Keeping up with this blog is one of my resloutions but I am not sure how well I am going to keep up with it with exams looming in January. Bummer. Well off to enjoy my last day of no revision by drinking vodkla and watching Bridesmaids!
ta ta babies
Hannn xxx


  1. love your dress :)
    laur x

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  2. thanks! :D
    I will take a look back at your blog now
    hann xxx