Thursday, 29 December 2011

goodbye, good luck and hello

Selected from Topshops new collection

I hate january. Christmas is over, no one has any money and being in 6th form it means I have 256837592 exams I have to revise for. Due to this fact I have had no time to check the sales or any shops new lines. Sad face. With an hour spare I had quick look at Topshops new line and this is what I found.
Not amazed but not too disappointed; they seem to be sticking to what they know with variations of knicker pants and collection of jumpers and sweaters. The colour scheme has dulled down a bit from the bright block prints to more pastle blues and greens. All mixed with a large selection of metallics, I never new so many things could be gold till now! The gold sneakers especially caught my eye, so bright and different they will make any outfit stand out!
These are just a few items which I liked, mainly the mint coloured cricket jumper and nail varnish. The jumper is priced at £38 and being made out of 63% Acrylic,37% Polyamide I am not going to be rushing out to buy it; on the other hand the Turquoise nail varnish is definitely something I am looking in to. I have bought Topshop nail varnish beofre and it was brilliant with its bold colour and lasting finish. Not as good as OPI or Nails Inc but you get what you expect for £6, I will report back when bought and tested.
Hope everyone has amazing New years!
love Hann xxx


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