Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Room

Being 18 and living at home still I have very little say what goes on around the house in decorations and what not, so I personally feel like my bedroom is my little heaven where I can do what I want! Right now I have more blue tack on the walls then paint but that’s the way I like it. I feel wallpaper is too impersonal and by making your own collage on your wall it’s like making your very own wallpaper. I dread the day I move out and I have to take down all of my pictures but let’s just not think about it for now. Yes, that is a one direction calendar and poster and no I am not embarrassed to say I like them, every teenage girl is aloud a boy band crush sometime and this is mine. Most of the pictures on my walls are from magazines but there is the out collection from holidays and birthday cards which really mean something. If you are bored of your old walls I suggest you do the same!  Also add some fairy lights, they are always fun! 
My exams are all finished now so I will hopefully have time to do more posts and really get my blog going. From having my exams and not going anywhere I have saved many dollars and I hope to spend it all on a well deserved shopping spree; I will report back on any amazing purchases.  
Love Hann xx

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