Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Shelf

Oh my life exams are killing me. However in the space between reading science books and doing mindless past papers I was able to read a book my mum got about changing your life, one of the key points was too organise your living area. To me my living area is my bedroom which is where I spend about 99.59483% of my time if I am in the house. The area I tried to tackle first was my main make-up and jewellery shelf (it is the second highest shelf on my book shelf) I don’t have a dressing table as I do not have the room, in a future post I will present a picture of my room and you will understand. I rummaged through my cupboards and found a teacup, bead box and a few little tin boxes to put my little jewellery in and I just organised my make-up in to a Ted Baker make-up bag I got for my birthday and all the tubes and bottles were organised into size. 
This isn’t all of my make-up and beauty products but in the rush I am in the mornings it is easy for me just to have the essentials and things I use often on my shelf. Other things I do not use as often are in a draw by my desk, just to make my room look tidier. After the struggle of the shelf I am next going to tackle my wardrobe after my exams are done or when I am having a long deserved revision rest.  I have you have found this useful and will organise your living space as well, I know I have only done one part so far but I can already see the benefits.
Love Hann xxx

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