Monday, 6 January 2014

January Blues

Hold on to your hats cats here comes the first beauty post of the year; put your hand up if you just imagined a bunch of cats wearing hats *raises hand* I am going to start with one of my ultimate beauty faves, a good old nail varnish that I got off my darling mother for Christmas. I don’t own my Jessica nail varnishes but as they are my mums favourite she’s always getting me them, I ‘m not complaining though! The cover is amazing, no more than 2 coats are needed, the colours are beautiful and they last really well; I would put them up with Nails Inc. and OPI for quality.  
The colour I am wearing at the moment is called Jessica Estate and is a dark metallic blue/grey/dark green in some lights; it kind of reminds me of petrol. I love colours like this because they change colour depending on what lighting you’re in and it just keeps things exciting...yes my life is that exciting. It’s also good for my fellow pale gals as it doesn’t make your hands even paler like wearing black does but it still means we can wear a dark shade with pride. Safe to say this is my colour of the moment, thanks mam!
As it would have been rude I didn’t ask the price of the nail varnish as it was a present but I have left the link to the website so you can have a little look for yourself. I don’t think Jessica is stocked in many drugstores but I know they do in Sally’s and are available in most beauty salons (if you do find it in a drugstore please tell me!)
What’s your nail varnish favourite at the moment? 
Also as a little musical extra, a band which went to high school with have just released their first music video and it’s amazing and I highly recommend a listen! I have seen them perform live and they are extraordinary so please help support them; they are going to big so get in there before anyone else.  


  1. Lovely nailpollish! Please follow my blog back! :) x

  2. Thats a beautiful colour :) I really want to paint my nails!

    Roshni’s Journey

  3. I love that colour, it's really different :) Would be great if you could check out my blog?:) xxx

  4. I've never heard of this brand before but this colour is stunning! I'm going to have to have a little search for it. I've nominated you in The Liebster Award. Check out my post to find out more:


  5. Ooh, what a great shade! So rich and metallic :)