Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Uni Days

Merry Tuesday kittens! Whoever designed my timetable for university this term is a definite hater in that I have 9am starts every day, booooooooooo. Any reader who is at university or has been will be feeling my pain right now and how much of a struggle in is to get in every day AND to make yourself look presentable to the world. Ah maaa gaaaahd it’s hard! To survive this I have made a morning routine which can be done in 30-40 minutes (depends on how fast you can move in the mornings) so you can have those extra few minutes in bed.
1)      GET OUT OF BED! Hardest step of all
2)      Drag your ass to the kitchen to get yourself a coffee/tea which ever you prefer
3)      Wash your face using a simple cleanser, preferable an energising one as you are probably still asleep
4)      Moisturise, I use Nivea Soft as its light to use and acts as a lovely base to your make up
5)      This leads me on to make up, keep it simple! I normally just use a slick of foundation (depending on how my skin is), wee bit of concealer, powder, mascara (normally use quite a lot to make me look more awake), eyebrows and blush then you’re done!
6)      Hair, my favourite thing to do is just to tie a section of it up and leave the rest down. It’s so quick to do and yet looks so cute and pretty
7)      Dress, think about what you’re going to wear as you’re getting out of bed and making your coffee/tea to speed this process up
8)      Brush teeth, spray on perfume, grab bag making sure everything you need is there then boom you’re out the door!
Don’t worry if you’re mornings are a mad rush everyone’s is, just follow these steps as loosely as you want and it’ll help you not to lose your head. For a little more help on a quick make up look the beautiful Tanya Burr has done a simple school make up look which I think is so good to use so I will leave a link for that down below for you to have a look.

Last thing I want to say is good luck! I am not a morning person and I know it’s hard to get up early but just think, when you get home you can nap! Naps always help.


  1. Great Post Love!!! Your blog is just perfect! I just had to follow you on Google Friend Circle :)

    Stay Beautiful,

    Bailey ♡

  2. Lovely post! I enjoyed reading it! I hate mornings so much! It sucks that you have early starts everyday! :(
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