Sunday, 10 February 2013

Edinburgh Calling

Rose Street, Edinburgh
Hello kittens, hope you are all well! Just a little post to tell all you lovely people about my adventure to Edinburgh to visit my darling older sister Sophie; Sophie is at university in Aberdeen and since I live in Newcastle it was easier to meet halfway in Edinburgh for a day of being tourists, eating and of course shopping!  If you have never been I highly recommend going to Edinburgh even if just for a day like me, it’s a beautiful city with beautiful buildings, museums and of course shops. Here are just a few touristy snaps I managed to get during the day. 
I did have an adventure in to many shops throughout the day up and down Georges Street but the one I want to write about is the White Stuffs flagship store. Most shops like to make their flagship stores special and a bit different but White Stuff have taken it to a whole new level.  Where I live there is only a small White Stuff stand in Fenwick’s so when I realised there was the flagship store in my presence I nearly weed myself in excitement.  If you have never heard of the White Stuff store, the best way I can describe is it is the love child of Fat Face and Aubin & Wills. It has a mixture of high quality clothing ranging from boots to coats to dresses; it designs for both men and women. The shop it’s self if beautiful and there is so much I could write about it but my personal favourite part of the shop is the changing rooms. From the outside each changing room looks like a wardrobe but just like in Nanina, wardrobes are not always what they seem! Behind each door was a different themed room including a toilet, a toy room and a jungle themed! I could have spent all day there just using each changing room. So if you go to Edinburgh I definitely recommend a trip to the White Stuff store even if it just to see the shop itself. Claps for the White Stuff store.  I also may have treat myself to a pair of riding boots, which are a beaut and at only £65…well I couldn’t resist! 
White Stuff, brown leather riding boots £65 (sale)

Thank you for reading cherubs and I hopefully I have inspired some of you to go and visit this beautiful city (even if just for the shops). Lots of love Han xxx

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