Monday, 4 February 2013

Sunday Haul

Primark Blouse £12.00
Primark Blouse £12.00

 Sunday mornings have to be my favourite time to go shopping; don’t ask me why but they are! The first shop I hit was Primark, still can’t decide if that was a good or bad idea. I bought a few things which my bank balance didn’t like…whoopsie.  The two things I have decided to write about are probably the things which I thought were best value for money and were the prettiest. The pictures above show the blouse I bought; I saw it the second I walked in and I had to have it! I have been looking for a new girly blouse for a while now and when I saw this it just fit the bill perfectly. It is very sheer so I also bought a grey vest to wear underneath it and the only other thing which was a bit of a problem was the size. I am normally a UK size 12 on the top but after trying on I decided to go for the 16 so if you decided to purchase this blouse I heavily suggest trying on before buying.

Cream Jumper £8.00
 Another item I bought from Primark has to be my bargain of the day; I love baggy woolly jumpers and for a while I have been looking for a creamy and not only did I find it but I found it for only £8! It has a lovely knit like look to it and just a simple gold zip on the back at the top of the neck. It is made of 100% acrylic but for £8 I can’t complain and it will get me through till it hopefully warms up a little. Again I went for a bigger size as I wanted it baggy and it is designed to be a fitted jumper so I went for a size 18 and it is lovely size for me. 

Boots Buys, Prices stated below

Next I hit Boots with the intention just to buy some new mascara. I am a creature of habit in that I have always bought the same mascara, Maybelline Great Lash in Very Black. I also do own other mascaras which I use for nights out and other occasions but the great lash is the best mascara I have ever used just for every day to day wear. It has a small brush which applies the right balance of volume and length perfect just for university, work or just a casual day out and at only £4.99 a tube it’s an essential buy.  However Boots had a buy one get one half price offers on all Models Own nail varnishes so I just had to buy some! Models Own has always been one of my personal preferences for nail varnishes so this offer had me weak at the knees. I bought a regular size (14ml) bottle of ‘Feeling Blue’ which is a lovely light blue colour which will look nice all year round, for £5. I also bought the ‘All That Glitter’ mini 3 pack which contained 6ml bottles of ‘Blizzard’, ‘Southern Lights’ and ‘Pink Fizz’. These are all just fun top coats to make any nails a bit more special and this pack was £8. 

Lush Baths Bombs £3.50 each

Since I just finished my exams last week I fell into the trap of Lush and came out with three bath bombs to help me relax. I haven’t used any of them yet so I will report back on when I do and what I think on them. Lush has to be one of my favourite shops not only because of the products but because of the general atmosphere of the shop. All of the staff are bubbly and helpful, also they are always playing good music so that helps. 

Moushtache Button Stickers £2.50

Finally I visited River Island, I find River Island much hit and miss in there lines and I fear this season to be a miss but I need to go back for a proper look before I make up my mind. I went in to buy a new pair of the Jumper Black Leggings which I have been a fan of for a few months now and also help avoid the bum on show problem which can occur when wearing leggings. But they weren’t the thing that pleased me the most; the thing which caught my attention were these little moustache stickers which are designed to go on the home button of iPod’s, iPhone’s and iPad’s. They were so adorable and at only £2.50 I had to get them and place on my phone immediately!

Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed a small insight into my haul. I hope you found this interesting or helpful on what to buy this season. Hope you are all well, bye kittens!
Love Hann xx


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