Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday is Funday

Dennis the Ikea toy

I LOVE SUNDAYS! Sundays are fun days in my eyes. Sundays mean long lie ins, long walks, brunch and just general fun! Lots of people don’t like them because of the fact that the day that follows is Monday and that brings lots of troubles. I try not to think about it and take advantage of the lovely day that is the Sunday and this includes playing with my favourite Ikea toy Dennis for a large amount of time…which I should really spend doing something productive but you know whatevers. Other things I enjoy doing is sorting out my bedroom by buying new flowers and throwing out old magazines and just making my space all pretty and that! 

Other things that are fun to do on Sundays include going to enjoy an almighty Sunday dinner! I was lucky enough to do this as well as it was my brothers 18th this week so we went to the Alnwick Gardens Tree house for lunch and my sweet Jesus it was heavenly, I recommend it to everyone. I didn’t manage to take pictures of all of the food as I ate it too quickly for the camera to come out, whoops. But I did manage to take a cheeky snap shot of my desert which was a sloe gin and berry frozen ice cream (I know you are jealous). 
Sloe Gin and Berry Desert
SO my tips for enjoying a Sunday and making it a Funday is to sleep a lot, eat a lot and do whatever you enjoy! If that is walking or organising just take advantage of the day and not to dwell on the fact that tomorrow is Monday. I dislike Mondays. They are not Fundays.
Lots of Love Hann xxx

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