Saturday, 22 June 2013

Gilly Hicks Undies #notanlines

Underwear is a basic human right…but that doesn’t mean it has to be basic. One of my loves in life is having lovely underwear! Random I know but I just love it and I love it more when it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. My favourite place to buy cheap undies (but still at a good quality) is Hollister’s sister store Gilly Hicks. My sister was the one to introduce me to the store and when I saw they has a sale at which all there undies were only £2.99 a pair I couldn’t resist! They have a fantastic range of bright underwear to suit everyone; going from lace to cottons briefs with glitter details. I held my self-back and only bought 4 pairs but if I could of I would have purchased so much more. The store also does other things like swim wear and casual wear but their main products are underwear. So if you are looking for a new set of undies at a suitable price then go and check out their website, you won’t regret it.  
Have you got any good sales that I should check out? Love Hann xx


  1. These are so cute, i'm definitely going to be treating myself xo

  2. So cute! I love underwear, I could spend all my money on it xx

    D Is For...

  3. Love Gilly Hicks underwear!! Your blog is so cute, i'm following. Hope you check mine out x