Thursday, 27 June 2013

Pop The Kettle On Love

As part of my new get fit and be healthy lifestyle I am trying to stop drinking as much coffee and replacing it with herbal teas and green teas but it’s easier said than done. I don’t know about you but to me green tea tastes exactly as it looks, like dirty green water; so in most situations I was still reaching for a cup of coffee instead. But then the heavens opened and I was enlightened to Twinings green tea flavours and oh my Jesus they are fabulous! I first found them in Morrisons where they were on offer where you could get 2 boxes for £2.50 so I stocked up as a little experiment and I was converted straight away. They have all the benefits of green tea and the only difference is that they have a flavour to them which not only makes them bearable to drink but also makes them lovely to drink. They have quite a wide range of flavour but my favourite 3 have to be the Peach & Cherry Blossom, Cranberry and Orange & Lotus Flower. They are amazing, they are cheap, they smell unreal and most importantly they don’t taste like dirty green water (it does still kind of look like it though); I drink mine hot but you can also enjoy them cold if you don’t like hot drinks. Along with their green teas, I have also loved Twinings Peppermint tea which I have just before bed just to distress a little and relax before I snuggle down to sleep. My sister converted me to it when she came home from university and it’s just a lovely caffeine free option that you can have without then being wide awake for another four hours. A little tip I have as well is to add a tiny squirt of honey to your peppermint tea to give it a sweet twist. Overall I love these Twinings products and if you are trying to reduce your caffeine intake then I do recommend these teas as they don’t contain any caffeine but they also have many other health benefits. 

What healthy treats have you been enjoying recently? Remember as well Google friends is leaving very soon so if you don’t want to lose me please give me a cheeky follow on Bloglovin, lots of love Hann xxx     


  1. How do you put your tumblr posts in your sidebar? I'd love to add that to my blog. :) xo

    1. ahhh I can't remember the website name I am so sorry! google it and you will probabaly find it, sorry I'm useless x