Monday, 24 June 2013

Power Berry Daily Moisture

This week my mother bought InStyle magazine and being the angel she is gave me the free moisturiser she got with purchase; which I was buzzing about as it was Neal’s Yard. Oioi for free gifts with purchase!  This moisturiser is the Power Berry Daily Moisturiser which is said to boost radiance and protects youthful skin; I enjoy all of these things so I tried it out. If you have read some of my previous posts you would know that my skin isn’t sensitive but it is very picky upon what is used on it so when I find a moisturiser that does not make my face go pink and bumpy it’s a joyous occasion. I have used this moisturiser for about a week now and I am in two minds about it. On one hand it has done marvellous things for my skin and it feels so lovely and soft, it’s hydrated and in that sense it is a fabulous product to use. BUT I can’t stand the smell. I don’t know what it is but I hate the fragrance of this product; to me it smells like Sambuca and makes me feel quite ill rubbing it into my face. It’s such a shame as well because the formula itself is really good but I don’t think I can keep using it but of you do come across a Neal’s Yard counter and you see the Power Berry range give it a smell for yourself as the fragrance might not bother you as much. So overall it’s a great moisturiser in what it does for my skin but the smell to me is just awful. 
What skin care products do you really love at the moment? 
Love Hann xxx

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