Thursday, 29 August 2013

Life Update: Thailand + University Adventures

Hello kitten cats! Oh my gosh it has been too long; I think a little update is needed. As some of you may know I have been Thailand for the last month hence the lack of blogging communication and that. It was hands down the best month of my life and too anyone who is thinking about going, I highly HIGHLY recommend it. It is such a beautiful country full of beautiful people and the Thai culture is just amazing and oh my jet lag is taking over and I am blabbing on already! I went with two friends I know from school but I am not sure if they want their photos up here so I just included a few to share with you guys; my little internet friends.
Second life update is that I have been accepted to The Queen Mary University of London to study next year! Yeeeeeeeeey! I am super excited except for the fact that it means I am moving to London in 2 weeks and have absolutely nothing ready apart from an iron my nana gave me…great. So I am going to try my best to get some posts up as this is what I love doing and I don’t want to stop but if my posts are sparse then I am sorry. Also if anyone has any tips on a northern moving to London for the first time then please tell me, I am terrified.   
In conclusion Thailand was amazing, moving to university very soon and will be back to doing posts asap/now. Hope you all had an amazing summer and please tell me about it, where did you guys go or what did you do?  
Lots of loving, Hann xxx

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