Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Travel Make Up Bag

One of my all-time pet hates has to be when you are at the airport and you are going through security and there’s that women who stops the entire line because she has decided to take the ENTIRE of her make up collection on the plane. The regulations of flying states you have to have all carry on liquids in a clear plastic bag and due to the fact the women has brought every piece of makeup she owns and has no clue about this rule (which they do advertise a lot throughout the airport) the entire queue is held up as she puts everything in numerous sandwich bags. The annoys me so much for so many reasons but the main one is why would you need that much stuff during a flight?! Seriously?! In this post I have shown you guys what I take in my carry on while flying; you are spending hours sitting in a small space so I am pretty sure I do not need seven eyeliners and all of my MAC lipsticks. Rant over…I promise. So here’s my carry on makeup bag and things I feel are needed on a long haul flight:

Bag - Make up Forever, free gift with purchase

Hand sanitizer (the plane toilets always seem to run out of soap) – Dettol

Hand Cream – L’Occitane, sample size as it’s a nice size to travel with

Face Moisturiser (to rehydrate your skin as you land) – Neal’s Yard in power berry

Lip Balm (chapped lips are the worse) – Nivea lip butter

Make Up (so I don’t scare the rest of the plane with my jet lagged face)

  • Mascara, Maybelline falsies
  • Concealer, Collection lasting perfection
  • Eyebrow Pencil, Rimmel eyebrow pencil 
Perfume (again the small sample sizes are the best) – Burberry Body

Cleansing Wipes (I find these really helpful towards the end of the flight when you just feel all yuck) – Boots own brand in cucumber

Finally a small mirror is helpful for applying makeup and all that jazz. 

I do also have another toiletries bag which goes in my suitcase to go into haul or whatever the other part of the plane is called but this is all I take on in my carry on as any more to me feels silly. Give your skin a break on the plane, it gets dehydrated enough.

What is in your travel bag? I have really enjoyed reading these posts recently and would love to read more so please leave me links to some!  
Love Hann xx
  (who’s currently adventuring around Thailand, check out my twitter to see my adventures in action. Will reply to comments/questions when home.)


  1. Urh I hate this! I usually just shove it all in my luggage and brave the no make up til the other side! I go away tomorrow so might test out this small make up bag thing.. Love your blog btw need to start reading more ! Xxx

  2. Love love the make up bag! Hope you're having a great time in Thailand :)

    Natalie xo

  3. Lucky you to be in Thailand! Helpful post and lovely blog, shall follow!
    Jenny x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  4. Loved this post! Hope that the items got you to Thailand ok :)
    KR x

  5. Great post I've never been on a plane but will remember this for when I eventually do haha
    Meg xx (new follower)

  6. co cute ..