Saturday, 10 August 2013

Surrond Yourself With People That Make You Happy

This post is a bit different than usual but I feel like it would be a good thing to share. I finished 6th form last year so it meant leaving behind many people who I thought were my friends and over the last year I have been through a lot and one quote which I heard has really helped me is “surround yourself with people that make you happy”. I think this is a really important thing to live by in that there is no point in trying to be friends with people who make you miserable. I have had first-hand experience in this and with me leaving to go to university in less than 2 months I have decided just to focus on the people that matter and who make me happy. The reason I am sharing this is that I think it’s important that people don’t spend their lives pleasing other people who in the end only care about themselves.  I am amazingly lucky to have a family who love me and a small group of friends who care about me. In August I am going to travelling with 2 of my closest friends and I can genuinely say there are no other people in the world who I would rather be going with (soppy I know).  In conclusion I am trying to say is find the people who make you happy and f*** the rest, you deserve it!

Right serious post over and back to the fun stuff; I am currently planning my 100 follower give away which is crazy to think about! So let’s see if I can get there and make this happen.

Hope you are all fabulous kittens and if this post was too serious or you would like more like this please tell me!

Love Hann xx
 (Who’s currently adventuring around Thailand, check out my twitter to see my adventures in action. Will reply to comments/questions when home.)


  1. I think the occasional motivational post is lovely especially when they're from people who actually mean it which it seems like you do :)
    Jenny x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  2. Wonderful post :) I totally agree, I think that during college I was 'friends' with almost everybody in my year and I loved it. But they often aren't true friends and don't have your best interests at heart. I know have just a few close lovely friends and family that are most important to me :)