Friday, 30 August 2013

My Fulberry (Fake Mulberry)

I have never been a huge fan of fake designer products as I have often found them to look TOO fake and a little bit cheap but after my holiday to Thailand all of that changed. I have a friend who frequently visits Asia and her fakes are so good and so realistic, so when I went I just had to have a look for something of my own and boy did I find some gems! I used my will power when it came to shopping and only bought myself one fake bag, many claps for Hann, and I absolutely love it. It is just a small clutch sized fake Mulberry which folds over in the middle; it also has an option of having a handle which I thought was a lovely little extra. It is made of real leather which will hopefully help it last as I do plan too at one point in my life have a real Mulberry back but as I am about to become a student in London I have a feeling it isn’t going to be a for a long time yet…till then I will love my Fulberry. If anyone is going across to Thailand or somewhere is Asia in the near future I do suggest taking a look at the fakes, I only paid 1500 baht (about £30) for this bag and a purse as well which is a good deal I think as they are both real leather.
How do you feel about fake designer goods?
Love Hann xx  

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