Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Kiss Is Divine

Good day my sweet kittens, I hope you are all fabulous and had a great bank holiday. I was crazy enough to go shopping on the Monday in the manic crowds but it was all worth it as I found this little gem in TK Maxx (aka the greatest shop ever!) 
Philosophy: a kiss is divine illumination in Golden Rose
I have always enjoyed Philosophy products with their lovely packaging, quirky little quotes and their lovely products but I have never tried there make up before so when I saw this lip gloss for only £4.00 I had to buy it. The box was a bit bashed and bruised but the actually product was in perfect condition and I immediately fell in love with the colour, Golden Rose.
As the name accurately describes it, the colour is a lovely pale pink with a hint of gold and gives a lovely shiny finish which I have found to last quite a while. Another reason I like the colour is that it’s nice and subtle so you could wear it during the day to add a little more glam to a natural look or on a night out if you have gone for a heavier eye look and just want a simple lip colour. On the box it says “lip caring formula hydrates and helps enhance lip smoothness” which I do agree with partially in that it did leave my lips looking and feeling lovely and smooth however I wouldn’t say it hydrated them greatly. It might be down to the fact I have really sensitive lips but I will definitely be putting some Vaseline or lip balm on before the next use. 
The applicator is a brush which I really like as it is easy to use and gives a lovely coverage and I know it’s not a really important part but I really enjoy the container. The tube itself if made of glass and I don’t know what it is but I just think it’s really sleek and pretty and in my eyes just makes it a more enjoyable product.  

I really enjoy this product and it has definitely given me instinctive to check out more of Philosophy’s cosmetic range. Have you tried any of their cosmetics out before? If so what do you think? 

Happy Tuesday my darlings, Love Hann xx
(ps. sorry for the rubbish photos, my camera is currently playing hide & seek with me and is winning)

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