Friday, 10 May 2013

Is a Zebra Black with White Stripes?

TGIF friends! I don’t know what it is but I have a slight to excessive love for stripy tops; I had a count the other day and I own 6…I am not sure if that’s crossed the line to be too many yet. Any way as it was sunny today I decided to wear one of my favourites which I have had for absolutely ages, a blue stripy crop style top from H&M. However it doesn’t really look cropped as I went for a bigger size so it would be nice and baggy as I don’t personally feel comfortable wearing crop tops. I also went for a simple grey vest top underneath just in case it got a bit colder (which it did so let’s give a big shout out to vests, weeeew) and then just wore it with a pair of black leggings which are always a safe bet. I completed the look with a big necklace I actually only remembered I had the other day; I am so upset I forgot about this little beauty! It is going to get much wear out of it now as my sign of forgiveness. I’m sorry pretty necklace.  
Stipy Top H&M | Grey Vest Top Primark | Leggins River Island

Make up wise I went for my simple day to day look which is just little foundation, nude eyeshades and a little lip gloss for colour. I find this a good look for during the week as I am still in 6th form and I just don’t have time in the mornings to do anything more elaborate so I found something I like and is easy to do. My hair was trying to be a lion’s mane this morning so I just tried to control it with a side braid; I love side braids as they are simple to do and still look so pretty! Also I find them so much easier to do now I have longer hair. On my nails I wore Models Own Banana Split  with Models Own Blizzard  top coat; I love pastel nail colours for spring as they make me look less pale and you can never go wrong with a sparkly top coat.I absolutely love Models Own nail colours; they have a fantastic range of colours and for only £5 a bottle it is brilliant value!

Necklace Next
Models Own Nail Colour

I hope you all had a beaut Friday and have a good weekend my internet kittens!
 Love Hann xx



  1. "You can never go wrong with a sparkly top coat." EXACTLY! :)

    1. it just makes life a little bit better