Monday, 13 May 2013

Thrift Shop Living (with a little boots on the side)

I absolutely love the town I live in as its right by the sea but we don’t have the best selection of shops which sucks. Let’s just say the biggest clothes shop we have is Peacocks, yeah not that fabulous however we do have a large selection of charity shops. People are often divided by charity shops in that they either love them or they never ever go in them; I am a person who adores them especially for jewellery. For people (like myself) on a budget they are the best places to go to get nice jewellery at good prices; you just have to be willing to have to look a little harder for some of the good pieces. So today I thought I would do a haul post on what I have found in my little town today from their selection of charity shops…oh and also we have a Boots, so I may have bought some make-up related treats as well. Beauty blogger problems.  
I actually set out today to find a new big statement necklace and I did! I was so happy to find this gold gem one which came to the lovely price of £2.99; the gems are plastic but the chain is metal so it hangs well and it will go nicely with a t-shirt or simple dress. The other necklace I bought, which was a bargain at £1.00, is like nothing I have seen before and I was really intrigues by it. It has a chain design in the middle then around the outside has little spikes, I like it because it is a little bit different I think it will just make an outfit a little bit more interesting.
From the same shop as the silver chair was this gold bangle which I got for 50p, yes only 50p! It’s made of metal and I just really like the design of it with the overlapping sides and its little embellishment on the back which makes it look like something from Game of Thrones or similar. It’ll be perfect just to wear as a simple bangle on its own or as part of a few on holidays and for only 50p it’s brilliant! Finally I got this gold ring with a little fake diamond in the middle; I have lost the tag so I am not 100% how much it was but I think it was only £1 and I have a small addiction to rings so it had to be bought.  
The after being really good and only spend £5.50 on jewellery, I found myself on Boots. Bad Han. The first thing I got was the Maybelline Falsies Mascara; I have heard such good things about this mascara from so many different people that when I saw it had £2.50 off I had to buy it. The next things I bought actually were things I needed as they had ran out or I needed to replace something. I need a new foundation so I went for the Maybelline Fit Me foundation in Classic Ivory as again I have heard good things about it and I have been using the Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting foundation for a while and I fancied a change. So I will review this new one when I have used it for a bit and I will do the same for the mascara but I have a feeling I everyone has heard a review about it one time or another. Finally I just replaced my Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown and my Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner in Jet Black which were both so short they got lost in there lids. I love these pencils as they are only £2.99 each and they are exceptional value for money; they last me ages and are just generally great products. I highly recommend them to everyone. 

There you go, not many people have a haul on a Monday but there you go, I just like to keep things interesting. Also I hope I have helped some people change their minds on charity shops; what is your opinion on them?

 Happy Monday kittens and if you have any exams good good luck, Love Hann xx


  1. Really want to try that mascara :) and I love that ring! xo

    Holly |

  2. Such.. cute... NECKLACES AHHH! c: I love this! Feel free to check out my blog and maybe we could follow each other? x

  3. i've heard good reviews on the falsies mascara too! might get it next time i pop over to boots :)

  4. I have Nominated you for the Liebster award as love reading your blog. Its just a way of recognising Blogs with under 200 Followers. Hope you dont mind and if you want to do it just nip over to my blog and read the rules.

    Carrieanne x

  5. I love that necklace! Such a beautiful piece.


  6. Love the necklaces :) x

  7. Those necklaces are so lovely! Adore!


  8. My god. Those necklaces are stunning. I love them x