Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Magazzini Del Sale T-Shirts

As summer is coming (the weather says otherwise) I am trying to be more girly in what I wear and I am trying to wear more dresses and skirts. However I am not going to lie about it, I am a t-shirt lover; always have been always will be so when I went shopping the other day and I saw this t-shirt I just had to get it. Bad Hann.  

I am not sure why but I am absolutely in love with this top! Its fit, design, colour just everything about it. When I got home I decided to look more into the make which I had never heard of before, Magazzini Del Sale, which turns out to be a small Italian company. I love there t-shirt designs as they are a little different and as someone is passionate for their t-shirts it’s something right up my street. If you are like me and you like your t-shirts I little too much I will leave the link for their website and you should go and have a look!
  Happy Wednesday kittens! Love Hann xx


  1. I'm a t shirt lover too, and I love this tee. :)

    Maxine, xx

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  3. Wauw that tshirt is quite fabulous!! I'll definately take a look at the company :)


  4. Love the tee! Love your blog too - have followed would love it if you checked out my blog

    Louise XX

  5. thats a pretty cool tee! and the design is cute :)

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  6. The print on the tee is amazing .

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  7. It's gorgeous and chik in love with it!!

    Christina xx

  8. Great post! :)

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  9. Hi, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award tag. Check out my post to find out more and your questions! xx

  10. Lovely post! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award Tag! Check out my post to find out more x

  11. I really like this tshirt but not really sure why, its just!

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