Saturday, 11 May 2013

YouTube Fangirl

Good afternoon internet, how is your Saturday going? As my exams approach and my stress levels rise so my do prognostication skills and one of my biggest weaknesses is YouTube. It’s a problem I know. So instead of dealing with this problem I have decided to share with you some of my favourite you tubers and we can share this problem together! Yes to internet friendship and no to education but not really because schools important...I'm going to stop talking now. 

Daily Grace
Jenna Marbles 



Tanya Burr


So there are just a few of my favourite you tubers who I enjoy to watch when I should be doing something productive. 
Do you have a favourite YouTube channel? If so who?
Have an excellent Saturday kittens and thank you for reading, Love Hann xx


  1. Love all these youtubers too! Have you ever met any of them?

    1. sadly no I haven't but I really want to kidnapp tanya burr so she can do my make up for me everyday xx

  2. I'm exactly the same! Have you ever watched Zoella? She's a blogger too! x

    1. I have! she is amazing, I like her and louise a lot as well x

  3. I've become obsessed with youtube lately too as it creeps onto my laptop instead of revision, oops! x

  4. lol I had final exams last week and I watched a whole lot of Tanya Burr hahaha I love her! Thanks for following, I'm following back:)
    Jen xx

  5. I love Jack and Finn... although I feel like i'm too old to admit that I like them! Thanks so much for you lovely comment on my blog. I'm jealous you live in newcastle, i lived there when i studied at uni so the toon has a big place in my heart! It's literally my favourite place, especially on summer days! i love it! xxx