Monday, 20 May 2013

Pardy With a D

Oh the title looks a little dirty but I promise this post isn’t. Sorry I haven’t done anything in a while but exams are taking over my life and I have little time for anything else, sad Han. But I was lucky enough to go to a Eurovision party on Saturday so I thought I would do a quick post on how I did my makeup. To be honest I am not that adventurous with my make up when I am just going to house parties, I normally go for the same sort of look or I maybe sometimes change up the eye shadow or lip colour; so this look is my sort of got too look as it’s a bit more to what I wear daily but not full on going out look. 
Ps I didn't go in my grandad jumper, I was just cold
Realness of Concealness by Benefit
Eyes + Brows
Avon Nude Eye Palet

I am a huge fan of a big eye look so I always tend to go for a lip colour which is quite simple like this one in pearly pink. I really like the Rimmel Apocalips and I highly recommend them along with the Maybelline Falsies Mascara which is AMAZING! Its product which truly deserves the hype it gets. All of the makeup I am wearing is stuff I really really like and I am impressed with so I do recommend it all but the one thing I do want to rave about is my NARS Highlighter. I got this when I was in America last summer and it is probably one of my favourite bits of makeup, it is amazing and has so many uses. You can put it on as a base before your foundation to give yourself a little extra glow on the days when your skin is just looking a bit dull or just use it on your cheeks and under your eye brow. It is a pricier highlighter but I absolutely adore it so I will definitely be repurchasing it and also its NARS so you know it’s going to be a good product. 

I am considering doing a small tutorial video on this make up with just a few tips I have gathered over the years so if you do want to see that please leave a comment below and I will do it after my exams are over.
Thank you so much for reading kittens, happy Monday! Love Hann xx


  1. Good luck with your exams! You look gorgeous by the way, and I love the apcalyps gloss to! And yeah make a video Han! I dare ya! :P xx

  2. Good luck with your exams! I finished a week or so ago and it is suuuch a relief! Do you like the Maybelline foundation? I have the concealer, but haven't heard much about the foundation as to what it's like xx

    1. so far so good i guess, it has amazing coverage and a lovely finish but I haven't used it for too long so I don't have a proper review yet and thank you so much! xx

  3. how do you find the fit me foundation? I got a sample of it when it first came out and ended up getting loads of spots! I was shocked because it didn't seem to give me great coverage and must have just clogged up my skin :(

    Love the blog, now following!


    1. Also as a side note relating to the post title, have you seen the Pardy Pardy hoodies and tshirts, I'm always tempted by the hoodies on the Candy Kittens site, might have to treat myself!

    2. I LOVE JAMIE! I am sucha a made in chelsea fan girl ahaha well I haven't used the foundation for too long yet so I don't have a proper opinion yet but so far so good, it has amazing coverage and leaves a lovely finish xx

  4. Love that Avon eyeshadow pallette the colours are perfect! :)
    Alice xx

  5. I love the avon palette! Its gorgeous! think I may have to get one of those! :)