Sunday, 7 April 2013

April Wish List

HELP ME I’M POOR! Deep sigh. The reason for my “feeling sorry for myself attitude” is that I have decided to become more healthy and go running and gyming (is that even a word?) more; which is a very good step to take and I will inform you on my fitness journey as it goes BUT all the Nike sport things are so pretty and I want them all. If I knew sport clothing was this pretty I would have started a long time ago! So here is my sport wish list and some apps I have downloaded to help me on my journey. 

Wish List
  • Nike Free Run 3 Women’s Running Shoes - Pink Green
  • Nike Performance Shape Bra - Sports bra – Pink
  • Nike Printed Tempo 3.5" Women's Running Shorts - Siren Red
  • Women's Nike Printed Racer Running Tank - Polarized Pink/Cool Grey
  • (yes I like pink a lot hokay?!)


Nike + Running 

I have actually had this app for a while now and used it a lot before I had my knee surgery. Now I am recovered I use it a lot more and I am not sure what has changed but there has definitely been an update of some kind and it is so much better! It’s free to download to most app using phones and tablets; I use it for my iphone and it works a dream. It’s simple to use as well, all you do is (after entering your details like height and weight) click start run and it uses GPS to see how far you have ran. It also keeps record how far you have ran, how long you’ve been running, how fast your average mile is and how many calories you have burned; it then keep record of these details when you have finished so the next time you run you can see if you have improved. You can also set your own personal music to it and if you set it up with facebook you can get cheers to keep you going! I love this app and really recommend it to all runners, beginners and experienced runners will benefit from it. 

Nike Training Club

Again like the Nike + running this is available to app using phones or tablets and it is free to download however you have to be connected to a Wi-Fi to download this one as there is a lot of information to download. I do also love this app so far even though I am new to it. I got it because it was recommended to me by a friend and she wasn’t wrong, it is amazing, it is like having your own personal trainer! The app is installed with loads of work outs which vary from lengths of 15 minutes to 45 minutes. These workouts include from cardio focussed, strength and toning and each exercise is accompanied by a video to show you how to do it if you are not sure. So far my favourite has been the Abs Burner workout which left me feeling the burn for 2 days after! Not only does it have these workouts but after time and you do more workouts the app counts up the minutes you have done and after a certain number of minutes have been collected you can download special celebrity workouts done by people Selena Williams and Paula Radcliffe. 

There are loads more both of these apps offer so please go check them out! If any of you are on your own fitness journey or have any apps you think I should check out please tell me. Hope you are all well and have had a lovely Easter, Hann xxxx



  1. I like that it's all pink! :)


  2. to help make me feel pretty even when I am all sweaty and gross ahaha thank you for commenting :) x