Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My Top 5 Products For Under £5

Hello kittens! Today I thought I would do a quick blog to tell you guys about my personal top 5 beauty products that cost £5 or less. There is a myth around that all good quality beauty products have to cost the earth but that is so totally not true (sounded like something out of Clueless there). So here are my favourite products which I couldn’t live without which cost as little as £1!

 5) Simple Cleansing Wipes, £1.29 
I don’t really have sensitive skin but my skin has always been odd around make up removers like it would sometimes become really red and dry after using certain brands so for as long as I can remember I have always gone for the Simple Cleansing wipes. Simple is a range that specialises in sensitive skin so these are perfect for me and also they do remove all of my make up and leave me feeling fresh and clean. I usually just get the original green packet but these mango ones were one offer so I thought I would try them out but I do recommend them to anyone looking for a good, cheap make up wipe or just general cleansing wipe.

4) Nail Paint by Barry M, range from £2.99 - £3.99
I won’t go on too much about these nail varnishes as everyone and there pet goldfish has a bottle or has had a bottle once in their life! Barry M is notorious for their nail paint because of its good quality and reasonable price. They aren’t my favourite high street nail polish but they are definitely one of the ones I look at when shopping for new colours as they are cheap and always have a good range of colours. 

3) Nivea Soft, Refreshing Soft Moisturising Cream, £2.45  
 I think I have about 3 bottles/tubes/containers of this moisturiser on the go at once I love it so much. I have used this moisturiser since I was about 12 and I started swimming more, the chlorine was ruining my skin so my mum told me to keep a bottle of this in my bag for after training and I have never looked back. I now use it as my everyday moisturiser and the main thing I love about it is how light it is; it means that it absorbs quickly and you don’t have to wait forever to put your make up on after using it.  I would not say it’s completely fragrance free but it only has a slight one and also its good in that it’s an all over moisturiser as well, which is handy for travelling and that. So if you haven’t tried it out before I highly, HIGHLY recommend it and at only £2.45 a tube you have nothing to lose.

2) Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, £4.99 
This isn’t just one of my favourite beauty products for below £5 but it’s also one of my favourite products of all time! Most bloggers have raved about this at one point or another and it totally deserves the attention. I am currently using the Very Black version but they also do other colours like black brown and just black; I use this mascara for mainly day to day use. It adds definition and volume but just enough so it’s suitable for work or school or uni for a casual look but as well you can build upon it for a more dressed up look. I love this mascara and if Maybelline stop making it I may cry and have an emotional break down, so please don’t! 

And my top product for under £5 is…

          1) Vaseline Lip Therapy, ranges from £1.99 - £3.49
I LOVE VASELINE! I just love love love it and I actually cannot picture my life without it. I have at least one tin in each of my bags and jacket pockets; I also have each flavour including the limited editions ones…I think I have a small problem. Not only that but I have one of the bigger tubs in my sports bag as its great to be used on your shoulders when your swimming if your swimming costume is rubbing. Not only that but when I went skiing we were told to use in one out nose and cheeks to help prevent frost bite, is there anything this stuff can’t do?!? Phew. Excitement over, so yeah what I am trying to say is this stuff was designed by angels to leave your lips soft and smooth. If you don’t already have some (what is wrong with you?) get some. It’s cheap as chips and amazing. I love you Vaseline. Mwah. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and found it interesting! I got all of my prices off Boots.com so they may vary from place to place but not by much I don’t think. Thank you so much for taking a look, if you have any amazing products with small price tags please let me know, Hann xxx


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