Thursday, 18 April 2013

WIWT Library Days: Style Tips for Exam Season

It’s that traumatic time of year...exam season. This means early mornings, late nights and spending every available hour of sunlight in the library. Generally at this time of year any sense of looking decent or fashionable goes out of the window because every scrap of energy is being used on staying awake and cramming all the information you can into you’re already over-filled brain. After years of having to go through this ordeal I have come up with a few tips to help dress quickly (can’t be wasting time on outfit choices), sensibly and yet still have an effortless style. An example of this is what I wore today, shown below:
Leggings: River Island
White Converse: Office
Stripey Top: TK Maxx
Hoody Top: Topshop
Leather Jacket: Thrift Shop
Scarf: Marks & Spencers
Iphone Case: Ebay

·        Layers: I don’t know about you but I find that libraries temperatures fluctuate hourly! You go in early in the morning and its freezing then by lunch time you feel like you have been transported to the Sahara desert. So layers are always a sensible idea so you are able to take off and put on accordingly throughout the day without being uncomfortable. Also we live in England, so you could leave the house and its sunny then by the time you get to the library a typhoon has hit…layers is always a good plan. Another tip is if you want to liven up your look a bit layer up with different patterns; it’s simple and yet effective. One of my favourite tricks is to wear a top with on pattern then instead of stressing over finding a jacket with an opposite yet complementing pattern just throw on a scarf with a pattern. It does the job well and doesn’t look too much at the same time.   
         Leggings, Disco Pants, Stretchy Pants: For exam season I find that leggings or any stretchy pants are an absolute god send. You are sitting around for potentially hours at a time and you don’t want to be stuck in some horribly tight, sweaty jeans while sitting in a hard, uncomfortable seat (sorry not much can be done do about the seat) but you can take the denim out of the equation. I find by wearing leggings you can eliminate the over heating element and generally I find they are just more pleasant to wear when sitting around all day in that they allow more movement and don’t restrict you like jeans do. On top of that by choosing a black pair of leggings you leave the option wide open for what you can wear with it as they pretty much go with anything BUT don’t fall into the trap that leggings are pants. THEY ARE NOT PANTS. Make sure you bum is well covered either by a dress, skirt, oversized shirt etc.  
·        Comfy Shoes (flats): The likely hood is that for those rare moments you are not chained to a desk, you are trailing around looking for the right resources to aid your learning. So you don’t want to wearing shoes that are hard to walk in! Keep it simple; a nice pair of pumps or quirky sneakers will do the job perfectly.  
          Big Bag: You don’t want to be that person who takes the smallest bag to the library then end up carrying hundreds pieces of papers and countless books around! Get yourself a bag that’s going to fit in everything you are going to need for the day; you can use a back pack or a big handbag (Zara have some beaut ones in at the moment!) I am using a Jansport back pack for all of my revision tools at the moment and I love it! I got it a few years ago actually from TK Maxx and it’s lasted amazingly and is perfect for those days when you are carrying loads around as it can hold everything you will ever need. Mine is just a plain denim colour but if you want something a bit more interesting they have released loads with bright, vibrant patterns on that will liven up any outfit. However be careful not to over fill any back pack being used as if you are carry around too much at once you may hurt your neck or back, so please be careful
     Water: Off topic I know but if you are going to be locked up revising for hours in a stuffy library make sure you stay hydrated. Take a bottle with you because most libraries will have water stations you can fill up at because a hydrated mind learns best. 

I hope this will help you survive the exam season and the stress that comes with bottomless amounts of revision! Good luck in any exams you have and if you have an questions don’t be shy to ask, Hann xxx


  1. I love your scarf, lovely blog :)


    1. thank you! checking out your blog now :)