Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Gold Eye Shadow Review

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Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger. Thanks Kanye but for this month I will have to disagree! For the last few years I have been a huge fan of liquid eyeliner especially wings on the eyelid. However recently I have been too busy to try and get each eye the same, not get it in my eye and all the other troubles that come with liquid eyeliner so I have started to explore the exciting world that is eye shadow. Ooooooooo! And the colour that I have been the biggest fan of right now is gold. It looks so pretty just with a little mascara and gives a lovely fresh look which is perfect for day to day make-up. The two eye shadows in particular that I have been using are Urban Decay Vintage Eye Shadow, Half Baked and Laura Mercier Metallic Crème Eye Colour in Gold.

Half Baked
I have always, always, always been a huge fan of Urban Decay eye shadows and this shade was actually one of the first eye shadows I ever bought. It’s now part of Urban Decays Vintage range which makes me feel old and it has never let me down. It’s a light gold colour and I could wear this every day I like it so much. I just use a regular eye shadow brush to apply it on; it’s easy to blend in with other colours if going for a more elaborate look but also looks good on its own. As you would expect from Urban Decay, it stays put well and also doesn’t drop a lot when being applied which is a bonus when in a rush! These pots are around £14.00 each which is okay for a good eye shadow and I find these pots last a long time as well but if you’re more of a pallet person they have this shade in there Naked pallet which I won’t bother telling you about because everyone blogger and there cat has heard of the Naked pallet’s. THEY ARE AMAZING!    

Crème Eye Colour in Gold

I have a confession to make…this is actually my mother’s eye shadow which I use on many occasions, love you mummy! This is such a pretty eye shadow though, I can’t resist using it! As the name gives it away this is a crème eye shadow so it comes out like a thick liquid then you apply as you wish. One of my favourite things about this eye shadow is how easily it blends; on nights out or special occasions I like to use this as a base because it helps hold powder colours better and it just blends like a dream into anything (within reason) its put with. It also spreads really well in that you only need the tiniest bit and that’s enough for both eyes. The colour is more coppery compared to than the half-baked so it’s a bit darker but it’s just as metallic, looks just as beautiful on and just like the half-baked it can be used on its own and still look good. Online its $23.00 per tube, so around £15.00 which I think is great value in that it’s a good make and it lasts a long time; I also have the darker brown version of this eye shadow which I enjoy using just as much.    
 Bottom: Half Baked Top: Matallic Crème

So there you go, I am a gold digger this month! If you have any gold or any eye shadows you would like to recommend please tell me below! Thank you for reading and hope you are well, Hann xxx

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