Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday Favourites

FRIDAY FRIDAY GOT TO GET DOWN ON FRIDAY! Oh my god I am so happy it’s the weekend and I do love Fridays I do except from the fact I have 3 solid hours of maths in the morning…it’s a horrible start. So to deal with this on my lunch break I had a little sneak down to Superdrug and bought myself some treats which I would like to share with you!  

(Top to bottom)
Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara: £6.99 (got free in offer, read below)
Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Celestial: £5.99
Rimmel London Salon Pro Nail Colour in Punk Rock: £4.29
MUA Bronzer Shade 1: £1.00
Midget Gems Tesco’s Own Brand: £0.34

So much Rimmel I know! Well when I got there (they also have this deal on in Boots) I was taken in by Rimmel’s latest production that is “spend £10 or more on Rimmel products and get Scandaleyes mascara free!” WOW! As Scandaleyes is my favourite mascara at the moment I just could not resist it and ended up with Apocalips which I have heard good things about and some Salon Pro in Punk Rock. I have wanted some new lip colour for a while and since my skills with lipstick are limited I though the Apocalips was a good way to go as its meant to have the colour of a lipstick but in lip-gloss form if that makes sense. The nail colour really grabbed me as well; I know its spring/summer and everyone is going for pastel colours but I really wanted a darker colour to wear for nights out. When I was younger I used to always go for black but I am just too pale for that so this dark blue, grey nearly black colour was a great choice for me. These are both products I have never used before so I will report back on what I find. I also bought the MUA bronzer in shade 1 which I have reviewed before and I love it. It’s cheap and cheerful and for a girl who doesn’t wear bronzer a lot it’s perfect. I have also used the Scandaleyes for a while now and I really like it as I really like having full on eyelashes with lots of volume so it’s perfect for me.  And the midget gems…well I have had a tough day and I had to go straight to work after 6th form so they were necessary (and well tasty!)  
Now I am home, cosy and about to catch up this week’s New Girl so the only thing I could put on is my Fat Face pj bottoms and my Monsoon slippers. Both of which I got at Christmas and love endless amount! Seriously Fat Face make the best pj bottoms ever, in the whole entire world…go buy some now! Also my slippers are beaut, especially after a long day or a run they are the best things to put on your feet. Well I hope you have had a brilliant productive week and lots of love to all of you, Hann xx


  1. Hey Hann! Thanks for checking out my blog! I just subscribed to you :)
    I've heard tons of good things about the Apocalips line! Can't seem to find them in Canada tho!
    Looking forward to more posts :) xox

    1. if you send me your address by email I won't mind sending you one! contact me on :) xx

  2. thankyou for your lovely comment! i have the apocolips in the same colour and i love it!! xx

  3. Great post! Love that mascara!

  4. okay this very strange! i recently bought an Apocalips lip gloss (and love it), my favorite mascara is Scandaleyes, AND i popped to Morrison's today and bought that exact nail varnish! My toes are drying from it now! Haha! We both obviously share good taste! :) X

    Check out my blog, I'm about to write a post on my Sunday favorites!

    1. oh my god thats weird ahaha! you must have a great taste, I will do now :)xx

  5. Hi, great post love :)

    Please check out my blog?

  6. I love the apocolips lip colours! Not tried anything like them and yes, they do last a long time!

    Need to try out the mascara. The last Rimmel mascara I tried out was back in my teens, it was called Curly? They don't do it anymore for obvious reasons! (It was awful!)



    1. I love this mascara so much! I think all high street/drug store mascaras have came a long way though in the last few years so you should definitely give it another chance :) xx

  7. Great post! I've only heard good things about Rimmel Apocalips. x

    Tanya | Cat at Heart

    1. fingers crossed it lives up to its reputation! x

  8. Such a lovely post :)
    I have that Rimmel Apocolips and it is sooo wonderful :) I couldn't believe how pigmented they are!

    Your Blog is so lovely & pretty :) - New follower, I can't wait to come back & see more

    I have followed you on GFC,, if you're ever passing through my blog feel free to follow back :)

    Love Em, from