Monday, 29 April 2013

Pasta 'n' Sauce Healthy Meal Shake Up

A recipe for a meal that is quick, healthy and fills you up; bullshit you say? Nope it’s true!  Here’s a dish that can be whipped up in about 20 minutes, is full of healthy vegetables and fills you up for the activities of the day a head. And all it starts with is a packet of Batchelors Pasta ‘n’ Sauce.
1)      Choose whatever flavour of Past ‘n’ Sauce that tickles your fancy (I went for the cheese, leek and ham flavour) and make as directed on the back of the packet. You can pick these up at most supermarkets quite cheaply but I get mine from B&M Bargains for an even cheaper price, favourite shop ever!
2)      As the pasta is cooking choose what vegetables you would like to add; I would recommend adding onions and peppers as there crunchy texture will go nicely against the softer texture of the pasta. From there you can add whatever you desire; I went for a massive mushroom as they are one of my favourite foods.
3)      Cut up your chosen vegetable to a size you enjoy then add to the cook pasta ‘n’ sauce and leave to simmer. If you have a bit of extra time you could fry the vegetables before adding to pasta to make them a little softer.
 4)      As the mixture simmers you can add some extra seasoning. What I use is the Lazy Garlic and Lazy Chili from the Very Lazy range. I love these because they are ready to use in an instant, literally all you do is add as much as you want to what you are cooking then you’re done! You can get these is most supermarkets as well, they are usually hiding in the section where all of the herbs and spices are. As a garlic fiend I always have a jar of the stuff in my fridge.
 5)      Continue to simmer until the vegetables are soft (or not if you prefer then a little crispier) and then serve! I find a packet with the added trimmings can serve about 3 as part of a main meal or 2 as a meal on its own or even if you want it just for 1 you can save the rest and once it has cooled down put in the fridge in and save for another occasion (I often do this if I need a packed lunch for the next day). Then boom you’re done! Add any other seasoning as you desire then enjoy. 

If you want to be a bit more adventurous you don’t have to just add vegetables to shake up your pasta, you can add various meats or fish as well. Just make sure, if they are not already, that any meat or fish being added is cooked through before being added to the pasta. Some other things I have tried are by adding cooked prawns, bacon, chicken, tuna and much more. The possibilities are endless! 

So I hope you found this little recipe helpful and if you have any questions or any cooking tips for me please leave comments below! Happy Monday! 
Hann xx


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    1. MAJOR FAN GIRL MOMENT! I think I just had a litter of kittens in excitement, thank you commenting and I hope you enjoy the recipe! x

  2. This sounds so yummy!! I'm trying to eat healthy at the moment & I can't believe I never thought to add vegetables to my pasta. Thanks for sharing lovely xxx

    1. its such a simple but clever idea, it also speads the pasta out more so it spreads out more, thank you for the lovely comment xxxx