Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Florals For Spring? Groundbreaking.

No word of a lie, the sun was shining down on the beautiful seaside town that is Whitley Bay (my home) and a part from the occasional coastal wind it was warm as well. Oh my god, I was so excited I nearly had a litter of kittens! Bye bye oversized woollens and hello bright tops. Just to give you a first look into my spring/summer wardrobe here’s what I wore for 6th form today (sorry for the dirty mirror shot, my house is getting decorated and everything is covered in dust).   

Charity Shop Top
H&M Scarf
River Island Leggings
White Low Top Converse
Marc by Marc Jacobs Necklace  

For 6th form I am usually so tired in the mornings I just chuck on anything I can find that doesn’t make me look like a potato or a bag lady but this morning the sun gave me a little more energy to raid my cupboard to find this little top I purchased last summer from a charity shop. I love it because it’s so bright it cheers me up and it is floaty so it’s comfy to wear when stuck in a library revising. However my energy/time ran out there to find anything nice to go with it, so I just chucked on a pair of black leggings, a brightly patterned scarf and legged it out of the door wearing my trusty converse (I also grabbed my leather jacket just in case it got cold). The necklace I am wearing which you can’t really see because the fro is in the way; is actually one of my favourites! I got it when I was on holiday in Cape Cod; they make a silver and gold version of the same necklace (which I think I may do a post on) so me and my sister got one in each colour as a sort of friendship/sisterhood thing. Cute I know. Makeup and hair wise nothing was going on as I stayed up well past my bed time last night catching up on Made in Chelsea and didn’t have time to think about what was going on with the face or fro…I am not morning girl. 

Well I hope it was sunny where you were and you were able to whip out your favourite spring gear, if so please tell me or show me! I love having a nosey at what people are wearing. Happy Tuesday kittens, Love Hann xx