Sunday, 14 April 2013

Its Glorious To Be a Geordie

I have always been proud to be a Geordie girl and be from Newcastle, the greatest city in England but now thanks to there is a list to prove what’s so glorious about it! Before this I had not heard of Buzz Feed UK however after finding this list I have been taking a look at other articles on the website and I love it (especially the one about the troubles of being left handed, sniff). So if you are bored or you have work to do I highly recommend giving it a look and having a scroll through some of their articles and lists. Here is the a sample of some of the “26 Glorious Things Newcastle Gave The World” from (I will leave the link below to the website with the whole list) and I hope you enjoy it nearly as much as I and other Geordies will.

1. Greggs
Greggs the bakers first opened in Gosforth in 1951. Wonderfully, there are now more shops in the UK than there are branches of McDonald's.

2. The Toon Army.
The Toon Army.
If we're talking about Newcastle, we have to talk about football. St. James' Park stands over the city like a temple, and despite the team being trophy less since 1955, it attracts the third largest average attendance in the Premier League (50,061 a week last year). Football-mad Geordies are also one of largest (and most vocal) sets of away supporters - despite having further to travel around the country than any other Premier League team over a season.

3. This film.
This film.
Get Carter was set and filmed in the Toon in 1969.

4. This bloke.
This bloke.
Hendrix was discovered in New York in 1966 by Geordie music producer Chas Chandler, who brought him back to Newcastle. Some residents still recall seeing him busk on Heaton's Chillingham Road.
5. This pioneering UK hip-hop duo.
26 Glorious Things Newcastle Gave The World  

6. Lucozade.
Born out of a small chemist’s in Newcastle, and originally called 'Glocosade'. Fact.

7. Gazza.

...a certain Paul Gascoigne, the most gifted English player of all time...

8. This film.
26 Glorious Things Newcastle Gave The World
Billy Elliot was written by Geordie Lee Hall.

9. Britain's Best Street.
Britain's Best Street.
Not our words, the words of the Great British Public who voted in their droves for the Georgian architecture wet dream that is Newcastle's Grey Street.

10. The best accent in Britain.
The best accent in Britain.
The dulcet Geordie tones have been voted the 'most friendly', 'most likely to put you in a good mood' and quite simply the 'favourite' accent in the UK so many times, it would be churlish not to refer to it as simply the best accent in Britain - if not the world...
Clockwise: Tim Healey, Jimmy Nail, Donna Air, Jackie Milburn

Link to original and full list (please please please take a look)

This isn’t even half the list so please go check out the original list on for 13 more wonderful things that come from the beauty that is Geordie land. 
Happy Sunday! Hann, TGL (top Geordie lass) xxx

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