Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday Mix Tape #1

All of the music reviews I have done so far have been on specific bands/albums I really enjoy but the thing I do which I haven’t really looked at is that at any time I don’t just listen to whole albums by one artist or band but I also listen to random songs. These songs range from very up to date chart songs to old treasures I had forgotten or something a bit different I just can’t get enough of; and when I say I like these songs I mean I will listen just to these songs over and over and over again until I don’t like them any more (for the moment). So I thought I would start Sunday mix-tape where I would share with you my favourite songs of that week; this will hopefully help you find new music you have never heard of but really like or it might just make you question my music taste. Whatever it does let’s hope I manage to keep it up.  

Blake Lewis - Your Touch,  my sister introduced me to this and I literally listen to it none stop!

Collective Soul - Hollywood, but of a vintage track but whenever I listen to it I just feel so happy and ready for summer. 

The Maccabees - Ayla, love this band. Love this album. LOVE this song. Also really makes me want to go on a bike ride. 

The Underdog Project - Summer Jam, this came on shuffle the other day and I nearly weed myself with excitement. Such a good summer party song and since the sun came out this week it was just fate.

Imagine Dragons - It's Time, I bought this album the other week and its absolutely amazing (I will probably do a full music review soon on it) and I absolutely adore this song. Its just so feel good and I dont know why but I find it so good to run to. 

So that’s what has been occupying my ears pretty much all of this week; if you have any suggestions on any bands/artists you think I may like please tell me! I am always looking for new music to listen to, happy Sunday kittens! Hann xxx

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