Monday, 15 April 2013

Monday Madness

The first day back to school/collage/work/university/6th form/circus after having a holiday is always hard and parting from your bed is such pain never mind making yourself presentable for the real world. After having 19 years’ experience at it I thought I would share my make-up for tackling that difficult day; for 6th form I always tend to go for a simple look because I would rather have those 10 extra minutes in bed. Lazy bean I know but on the first day back its especially simple as I am normally so tired I am a danger with a mascara in that it is highly like to end up in my eye I am that tired! So here is the make-up I use and on top of that I use my eye lash curlers which seem to have been taken by fairies (or my sister who has gone back to university, sneaky child) so you’ll just have to use your imagination to what they look like. Also my concealer exploded the other weak that’s why some of my make-up looks all gross and mucky.  

Left to right
Rimmel 25 Hours Lasting Foundation in Ivory (yes I’m pale)
MUA Bronzer in Shade 1
Elizabeth Arden Eye Shadow Pallet with 4 Eye shadows (Coral Sands, Lagoon, Sand Dollar [the one I use in this post] and Beech Nut), Cheek Colour in Tearose and a Highlighter in Sunlit Rays.  
Collection 2000 Lasting Concealer (I need a new one I know)
NARS Illuminator in Copacabana
Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Mascara
Hair wise I just let my frow do its own thing as I have no time in the mornings to try and tame it! I just quickly ran some Argan hair oil (review in previous blog) threw the ends and off I went!

I am not sure what I paid for each product as I have had some for a while or I got them on holiday and that but if you a specific question about any of them please ask! 
Mwah Meow Hann xxx

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